What accountants do

There is a myth about accountants. It’s believed that they simply sit down and crunch numbers and look at figures all day long. They are essential polymaths who would do extremely well at the numbers game on Countdown. Some of this might well be true for some of them but it doesn’t tell the whole story of what an account does. Bath Accountants would be a good place to find one that can help you if you are looking to engage an accountant.

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Accountants do not “crunch numbers” in fact they do very little in the way of calculations. The basic maths of business, namely the expenses, the income and the outgoings of an organisation is not what is of interest to them or within their remit. That falls to the bookkeeper. This is by no means a lesser skill, in many ways, it is more detailed than that of the accountant. The bookkeeper must keep accurate records to show how the organisation is performing in the marketplace. However, that is where their duties end and the accountants begin.

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An account is the interpreter of figures and performance. They will present facts and figures to the board, yourself, potential investors and government inspectors.  They will tell you when you need to pay tax and how much you need to pay. They are there to keep the organisation nice and legal. With a good accountant in your corner you are sure to succeed.

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