What are the duties of a Quantity Surveyor?

If you have a need for a quantity surveyor, you might be wondering what exactly one does. In brief, a quantity surveyor is responsible for controlling the costs and providing estimates for construction work. They also have responsibilities for ensuring legal and quality controls are adhered to.

A quantity surveyor can work on residential projects, as well as in the industrial or commercial sectors. Their role is an essential one for ensuring that clients receive value for money and projects do not massively exceed budgets.

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Quantity surveyors are tasked with liaising with clients and so must have strong communication and personal skills. They should also be good with figures and mathematical calculations as they will be estimating large quantities, time and costs for factors such as labour and goods.

The preparation of legal documents is also a part of the role as both tender documents and contracts will need to be drawn up. Oversight of budgets, payments, risk and completed works are also involved in the daily work of a surveyor. When you need Quantity Surveying Services, contact a site like TC Consult who provide Quantity Surveying Services

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Designating tasks to subcontractors and ensuring that these jobs meet quality and legal standards are also important matters for quantity surveyors. Reporting on regular budget updates to clients and providing an analysis of maintenance costs for certain structures is another part of their remit.

So, if you have a construction project in the planning stage, having a professional quantity surveyor work with you is a smart move to ensure your budget is adhered to and the quality meets the required standards.

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