Why attend conferences

Most employees groan collectively when told that they must attend a conference. Here are some reasons why you should encourage your employees to attend live events.

Keep sharp

Most successful and effective people know that they must keep their skills sharp. A good conference is a great way to sharpen your skills when you need a break. Conferences and events can give people new ideas and a renewed approach to their work.

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Meet experts in person

Attending industry events will allow you to connect with your idols. You won’t meet them at every conference, but you are sure to miss out if you do not attend. Attending industry events opens the door to a wealth of opportunities, including sharing ideas with someone who you admire, creating connections as well as hearing influential speakers.


There are many ways to stay in touch, but nothing can replace meeting people in person. A successful conference is the perfect environment for people who want to network, mix, form new relationships or reaffirm their existing ones. You could meet the right prospect over coffee, cocktails or lunch.

A fresh environment

Meetings off-site are becoming more popular because everyone needs a new perspective on things. Learning in a different space can help us to think differently and approach problems in a fresh way. Unique and unusual venues can help to expand the mind. For Meeting Room Hire Birmingham, contact

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Get out of your comfort zone

Attending live events is a great way to get out of your office and comfort zone. You can easily follow blogs from your office chair, and there’s no need to make small talk or network when you listen to a podcast or send an email. A live event, however, requires that you engage and interact with the other attendees in a manner that digital platforms cannot.

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