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Poof: Raccoons Might Steal Your … Carpet

Doubt a raccoon would snag your shag? Don’t be too sure. Here’s real proof: Raccoons are plotting something… we just can’t figure out what it is yet. Guess: The owner of the carpet may have fed a pet there and it had food crumbs on it.  – TrueStrange.com

The Great Peanut Butter Prison Escape

Here’s a real prison break accomplished with peanut butter. It’s true, but the 12 prisoners didn’t shape peanut butter into keys or guns as you might imagine.  Peanut butter was the secret behind a mass jailbreak of 12 prisoners – with one escaped convict remaining at large. The group at Walker County Jail in Alabama, … Continue reading

Fake Video is Now Indistinguishable from Real

Artificial video can now be so realistic that a jury could be convinced you confessed to using a time machine to steal Abe Lincoln's wooden teeth after clobbering him with, in your own words, "a very large bad smelling onion." Despicable, how could you? Don't try to deny it, we saw your confession. Systems for … Continue reading

British man wanted to press charges against bacon eating cat

People are strange, when cats eat bacon. Women seem wicked, letting them so. đŸŽ¶  The ridiculous caller wanted the emergency services to take action against both his partner and her pet for the bacon burglary.  During the recording, the call handler can be heard asking the man what he wants police to do. The man … Continue reading

Another Outrageous Conspiracy Theory is True

That the co-founder of a pharmacy would conspire to make more money by selling an unsafe product that kills people was an outrageous conspiracy theory. Now it is true. Is it really a stretch to include drug companies who make vaccines among those needing independent oversight for safety? People who think “anti-vaxxers are nutjobs who … Continue reading

$120 Million Fine for Robocall Scammer

If you’ve ever been annoyed by automated phone calls, you may be interested to learn that one man was responsible for 97 million robocalls in just three months. Federal regulators on Thursday said they’ve identified “the perpetrator of one of the largest … illegal robocalling campaigns” they’ve ever investigated. The Federal Communications Commission has proposed … Continue reading

Fair Warning: It’s Illegal to Sell Fake Drugs for God

If you are caught selling fake drugs to provide God with extra cash and help people stay sober, I’d think you’d be charged with, at most, endangering your own life and perhaps creating a public nuisance, but be on notice that it is totally illegal to sell fake drugs.  A man’s divine calling has landed … Continue reading

What the bleep, NJPD? Kicking an innocent flaming bystander?

At the end of a police chase, a bystander, who is on fire(!), rolls on the ground and removes a flaming shirt or jacket to put out the fire. As if his night wasn’t bad enough yet, next a New Jersey cop kicks him in the face as he is getting up, and other officers … Continue reading

Did Russia Interefere with the US Hacking its Own Election?

Reality Winner is such a great name. What she may win, for trusting the Intercept, and for apparently not seeing the reality of the bigger game being played, however, is jail time. The bigger game is the illusion of US democracy.  In US elections, each county reports results as ballots are counted. There is no … Continue reading