A California Story plus 200+ Faces of Bigfoot

Does bigfoot exist? Join the debate here. There are several supposed bigfoot videos plus other claims of evidence, still photos, prints, dna, hair samples, nests/beds, and so on. I personally heard an interesting second hand story recently about a Bigfoot sighting. A man saw Bigfoot walk up a steep cliff fast like it was nothing a few years ago near the ocean in California. His friend who told me the tale said the man was very unhappy about having had the experience. He said, “You do NOT want to see Bigfoot. No one will believe you.” Some of you who … Continue reading A California Story plus 200+ Faces of Bigfoot

Live Giant Squid + Lightning Coincidence

How smart is a giant squid? Do they have comprehension and powers beyond our imaginations? Just a week ago, in the Gulf of Mexico (June 18, 2019) a curious live giant squid was recorded for only the second time in history.  It approached the faintly blinking lights on a decoy which was disguised as a bioluminescent jellyfish. … eight legs unfurl, revealing its large suckers that it uses to inspect the device. The moment the giant squid realizes that the lights aren’t a jellyfish, it jets away. … “We’re talking about an animal that can get to 14 meters [45 … Continue reading Live Giant Squid + Lightning Coincidence

Indian Army Tweets Yeti Print Images

Something or someone made these prints. The Indian Army spokesperson (Directorate of General Public Information) with over 5.9 million followers on Twitter said it was a Yeti. The tweet says: For the first time, an #IndianArmy Moutaineering Expedition Team has sited Mysterious Footprints of mythical beast ‘Yeti’ measuring 32×15 inches close to Makalu Base Camp on 09 April 2019. This elusive snowman has only been sighted at Makalu-Barun National Park in the past. Here are some photos: Many non-believers have made jokes, but none have offered a better solution to the mysterious prints. The Indian army has had an avalanche … Continue reading Indian Army Tweets Yeti Print Images

Giant Spotted Salamander Found in Florida

The mythical leopard eel is real, but it is in fact, a salamander known as a reticulated siren and not an eel of any kind. An animal was first collected as early as 1970, but a paper confirming it as a new species was only published almost 50 years later in 2018. THERE HAVE BEEN whispers for decades that a creature with the spots of a leopard and the body of an eel lurked in the swamps of Florida and Alabama. Rumor had it the animal was as long as a man’s arm, with glistening gray skin, and frills on either … Continue reading Giant Spotted Salamander Found in Florida

Xenothrix, A Strange Extinct Rat-legged Tree Monkey

Some DNA has been extracted from bones found in a cave in Jamaica, comfirming a unique strange extinct monkey with rodent-like legs. Some 11 million years ago, a group of monkeys settled on the island of Jamaica in the Caribbean. With no natural predators in sight, the monkeys were able to simply kick back and enjoy a relaxed Caribbean life. Their care-free lifestyle allowed these monkeys to thrive — they led a peaceful existence on the island up until a few hundred years ago when they suddenly went extinct — but also left a striking mark on their appearance. … … Continue reading Xenothrix, A Strange Extinct Rat-legged Tree Monkey

Video: The Okapi, Little Known Unique Large Animal

Next on our tour of true strange things is a unique and little known large animal you may have never seen. It’s no hoax, the endangered okapi resembles a zebra and giraffee cross and is actually the giraffe’s closest living relative. The okapi lives a mostly solitary life in the dense forests of the Congo. It remains on the endangered species list as humans have hunted it to half of its previous population. What do you think about the okapi solution to getting along with a mate? Okapis are primarily diurnal, but may be active for a few hours in … Continue reading Video: The Okapi, Little Known Unique Large Animal

“Ancient Looking” Wolf-Like Creature Killed in Montana, a Theory

It may look like a wild dog, but experts in Montana say this recently killed canine is neither a dog nor a wolf. A mysterious wolf-like creature was shot dead by a rancher in rural Montana — and even wildlife officials have no clue what the thing is, authorities said Friday. The beast had oddly long gray fur, oversized claws and an extra-large head — but its ears are too big and its legs are too short to be a common wolf or dog, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials. “We will have no idea what this is … Continue reading “Ancient Looking” Wolf-Like Creature Killed in Montana, a Theory

Mystery: Artificial eyelashes appear, but no kinkajou

This morning I woke up, rolled over, and found what appears to be a woman’s artificial eyelash(es) in my bed. Weird, eh? Do objects ever just appear out of thin air? I think quantum theory says that it is possible. It is more likely, however,  that I acquired it unknowingly at the music video shoot last night.  It probably stuck to my clothing. A far as true strange stories, however, no mysterious eyelashes can top the randomness of a 99-year-old woman waking to this loving cat-monkey. An elderly woman in Miami woke up to quite a surprise when she found … Continue reading Mystery: Artificial eyelashes appear, but no kinkajou

Bigfoot Suit Sold For $2,500

There’s no telling where the purchaser will use the suit, but in case you have a bigfoot sighting, you may want to compare what you saw to this movie suit which was sold Oct 31, 2016 in Henderson, Texas.  The movie release date was 18 July 2016. Handcrafted Bigfoot Creature Suit and Silicone Mask This is a full body suit and silicone mask that was featured in the film, Something in the Woods. The hands and feet are made of silicone. The body has a built in muscle structure, and is covered with fur from NFT (National Fiber Technology). Over 300 hours of … Continue reading Bigfoot Suit Sold For $2,500