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Eerie otherworldly blue clouds descend over Antarctica 

Each year, an eerie mass of bright blue clouds descends over Antarctica, as sunlight is reflected though dense layers of ice crystals to create a brilliant, glowing haze that can … Continue reading

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The true size of Alaska revealed!

To draw shapes from a globe on a flat surface, you have to distort things. One of the trade offs with the Mercator projection maps we are most familiar with … Continue reading

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Mystery: Outbreaks of tornadoes in the USA getting worse

If you’re lucky, you and your family won’t ever be seriously threatened by a tornado – but if the worst happens, chances are that tornado probably didn’t come alone. Tornado … Continue reading

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Massive waterspout off the coast of Valencia, Spain

A Spain resident captured video of a massive waterspout that formed off the coast of Valencia amid widespread storms in the country. The video, posted to Twitter by user @pometa1007, … Continue reading

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Enormous sink holes discovered in China

Natural sinkholes are rare, but researchers in China have just uncovered the largest cluster in the world, 49 of them covering an area of more than 231 square miles. Government … Continue reading

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Survival using artificial glaciers

… Scientist, engineer and teacher Sonam Wangchuk, born in the northern, arid highland region of Ladakh located in India, is proposing the building of “artificial glacial ice towers” that will … Continue reading

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Secret weather modification devastation

Claim: Blood and urine test reveal alarming levels of aluminum, strontium, barium, cadmium and other chemicals known to cause colon cancer, asthma, Alzheimer’s, headaches, skin disorders, immune system decline, blurred … Continue reading

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