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Planes Make it Rain/Snow 10x More

Discovery: Precipitation is increased by the motion of the wings of planes, even with zero emissions. Planes flying over rain or snow can intensify the precipitation by as much as 10-fold, according to a new study. The rain- and snow-bursts are not caused by emissions from the aircraft but are the peculiar consequence of the … Continue reading

Sub-Zero Sun Dogs, Alaska Prep, Oddities, God

I’ve seen sun dogs before and have probably blogged about them, but cold weather as a cause got my attention due to my quest to take my fiancé’s ashes up to Alaska. Here are the sun dogs: Sub-zero temperatures in West Michigan led to many residents spotting a “sun dog” phenomenon that made it look … Continue reading

Automated Farms with Robot Farmers

Would you eat food grown by robots? To survive the upcoming climate change apocalypse, we will probably need to grow more and more of our food indoors, possibly even underground. The transtion will not be easy, but it will go better if we start now. Fortunately, industrial robots are just getting good enough to handle … Continue reading

A Freaky Fog Dome

It looks highly improbable but this fog dome in Denbighshire, north east Wales was featured on the BBC news after being photographed by a weather watcher on December 2nd, 2016. Here is the story on this strange fog dome: Early this morning Weather Watcher Hannah was out walking her dog in Tremeirchion, north Wales when … Continue reading

Unlimited Pollution Free Energy with Graphene Wires?

It is strange that we still pay others for the energy we need to cook, to stay warm and to power our vehicles. Is a clean solution to our energy problems right under our feet? An amazing property of graphene wire is that it transmits heat quickly, even for miles, ten times better than copper. … Continue reading

(Video) Spinning Ice Disk in Maine

I’m just sitting here watching the ice go round and round. A Presumpscot River, cold. No longer spinning but t’was big and quite round. To the side bank it is now froze. I just have to let it go. A curious formation that’s getting attention in Greater Portland is actually a spinning ice disk that … Continue reading

1.2B Yrs of Missing Rock and Origins of Life

Around the globe our earth is missing miles of rock from a certain time in geological history and until recently this fact was a complete mystery. Now we have a possible explanation. The earth, for some reason, several times around 720 million years ago and again 580 million years ago became a huge snowball and … Continue reading

India Dam: Record 8.5+ Million Gallons of Concrete in 24 Hrs

Dam building at an impressively speedy pace won a recent world record in India, specifically for the most concrete poured in 24 hours. When completed in about a year, this project will provide drinking water to 20 million people and will generate 960 megawatts of power. Here’s some video, although the only words I understood … Continue reading

The Green Flash is Real

Here’s a true strange phenomenon of which you may not know. The green flash may sound like a new superhero, a mix of the Flash and the Green Lantern, but it is a real and very brief flash of green color caused by light bending at the horizon when the sun is rising or setting. … Continue reading