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World Record Giant Coffee Pot Shape of People

Best strange news award today goes to: a giant animated coffee pot made of people. I don’t know the symbolism, but I’ve seen the symbol before on foreign coins and even to this foreigner in a far away land (USA) this giant Arab coffee pot was an interesting thing for a school to create. It’s … Continue reading

Pot Gives a High Due to Viruses

A true strange fact for marijuana lovers: they owe the high times with the world’s most popular illegal drug to viruses. Specifically, what has been discovered is that ancient viruses brought the genes for making THC into plants. The enzymes … making THC and CBD are encoded by THCA and CBDA synthase genes, respectively. Both … Continue reading

Entire Island of Esanbehanakitakojima Vanishes

How does a whole island vanish? By the time you pronounce the first half of its long name, the island of Esanbehanakitakojima will have disappeared, from satellite map images at least. Was the island digitally errased? Is it also physically gone? It may be small and uninhabited, but it matters to Japan. Japanese officials named … Continue reading

Antarctica: Earth’s Largest Volcanic Region

It sounds unlikely, but the largest known concentration of volcanoes on Earth is in Antarctica under the ice. Some of the fairly newly discovered volcanoes are capped by more than 2 miles of ice sheet. Scientists in 2017 using ice-penetrating radar and satellite data found 91 new volcanoes, with the tallest said to be over … Continue reading

NASA Spots Mysterious Ice: Near-Perfect Antarctic Rectangle

A NASA plane photo shows a thick block of ice up to a mile long dramatically protruding from a sea of thin frozen water. It is thought to have recently splintered off. Scientists took the photo from a plane used to monitor changing land and sea ice in the South Pole. “I thought it was … Continue reading

VFX Artist Reveals the True Scale of Stars in our Galaxy

You might enjoy this video for perspective. How far away would the moon be if the earth were the size of a tennis ball? Watch people guess at the beginning of this video and then see the real answer. Appreciate your galaxy, however simulated it may turn out to be. It’s a great work of … Continue reading

8-foot Flames Shoot out of Arkansas Hole. Not Devil, Official Says

Recent strangeness: Huge flames with no known source were discovered shooting out of a hole in the ground in Midway, Arkansas. A small hole in Arkansas shot flames eight to nine feet high earlier this week and no one seems to know why, THV11 reports. Firefighters responded Monday to reports of the hole and found … Continue reading

Video: Twin Water Spouts off Florida Coast

A double waterspout off the coast of Florida is in the strange news today. Video here. Spouts do form in groups sometimes. July 5 (UPI) — A Florida woman captured video of a rare sight off the state’s coast — twin waterspouts swirling side by side in the water. Stephanie Morgan English captured video Tuesday … Continue reading

Seattle bans straws and utensils made of plastic

In a pioneering environmental move the entire city of Seattle has banned plastic utensils and straws. This may sound strange, especially if you don’t know about the problem of plastic accumulating in the ocean. (See the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.) Looking for a plastic straw to sip your soda? If you’re in Seattle, you’re out … Continue reading