• Working in a mainstream school with a child with additional needs and challenging behaviours.

    Working with a child who has additional needs and challenging behaviours in a mainstream school can be incredibly rewarding but also challenging.  The child desperately wants to feel included and accepted amongst their peers and it’s part of your responsibilities as their support worker to help them achieve that goal. They are expected to cope with a full-size classroom of…

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  • The Quiz programme Mastermind and today’s Specialist subject of Nutrient Management Planning.

    The popular British television Quiz programme Mastermind, featured a big, black, ominous looking leather chair that all the contestants had to sit in while answering all their tricky questions on General Knowledge and their specialist subjects.  Clive Myrie, the creator of the show drew his inspiration for the staging, from when he was a prisoner of the Gestapo during the…

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  • How to tell if carbon fiber is real

    How to tell if carbon fiber is real?

    Carbon fiber is a very popular material for the manufacturing of sporting goods, industrial parts and even art. It’s also a favorite among counterfeiters looking to sell fake carbon fiber products. But how can you tell if your carbon fiber product is real? Here are some tips that will help you determine whether or not your carbon fiber is real.

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  • Tips For Improving Your Diction

    Good diction is an important part of a professional presentation, and it is something that must be constantly practised. Proper diction will ensure that your words are as clear and as useful to the listener as possible. Diction is particularly important when using microphones. You can improve your diction by following these simple tips.

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  • Arabic mathematicians

    We tend to think of the Greeks as founders of the principle of mathematics, but they took some of their best ideas from the work and influence of people living a little bit further to the East. Arabic and Islamic mathematicians have given us some of the most advanced mathematical thinking. Trigonometry, negative numbers and algebra were all developed first…

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  • Why Does a School Need a Good Website?

    Building a good website is one of the most effective marketing tools for a school. It gives it an official online presence, and it also helps you reach out to prospective students and parents. A good website lets you put information about the educational level of students, the school’s mission and values, and other pertinent information. It also helps you…

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