The Quiz programme Mastermind and today’s Specialist subject of Nutrient Management Planning.

The popular British television Quiz programme Mastermind, featured a big, black, ominous looking leather chair that all the contestants had to sit in while answering all their tricky questions on General Knowledge and their specialist subjects.  Clive Myrie, the creator of the show drew his inspiration for the staging, from when he was a prisoner of the Gestapo during the Second World War. Where the main lights are dimmed and the one bright spotlight shines directly at each individual contestant while they sit in the chair and are sternly interrogated by the host.

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Mastermind is renowned for its very tricky and seemingly impossible questions, such as on today’s Specialist subject of Nutrient Management Planning, asking a farmer all about what it means and the strict legislation behind it.  Luckily this question was asked of a farmer who had received the benefit of working with a professional company like and he knew the answer.  There have been Nitrate Vulnerable Zone Regulations and restrictions in place in England, that affect about fifty-eight percent of working farmland for over twenty years.

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The following two questions on this subject resulted in the answers, 1) In 2018 a new directive on the Reduction and Prevention of Agricultural Diffuse Pollution came into force and was then known as “The Farming Rules for Water”.  2) Without all these strict guidelines being carried out a farmer cannot claim all the subsidies he is entitled to.

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