How Movies Offer the Ultimate Escapism

Movies provide us with a way to escape from the real world. We can escape with a mindless fantasy film or we can get swept up in political undertones and intrigue. In either case, we find comfort in a fictional hero or villain and can find solace from real life problems.

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But if we think only of escapism as a secondary goal of movies, we miss the point of the movies. The main goal of movies is to entertain and sometimes to educate. And while live action films may be better at offering escape, they aren’t the only form of entertainment that can do that. A dark psychological thriller can also hold us on the edge of our seats. For a truly thrilling experience, consider the benefits of a Luxury Home Cinema Cambridge and visit a site like https://digitalinteriors.co.uk/services/home-cinema-system/cambridge/

Hollywood realized that the public needed a break from reality and responded by creating new genres to meet this need. For instance, in the 1930s, a new genre called “screwball” comedy was born. These films invited the audience to laugh at the romantic foibles of their protagonists. They also helped the public escape the grim reality of the Depression, which was accompanied by social tensions.

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Movies can transport us to a fantasy world, where dreams come true or nightmares spring to life. Whether horror or romance, action thriller or comedy, there is something for everyone to immerse themselves in and forget the daily grind for a couple of hours.


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