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The importance of the sun cannot be overstated. It literally provides us with life on earth. It has long symbolised hope, energy and rebirth. As we sit here through the gloom of winter, let’s remember some of the songs we love dedicated to the sun and how much we look forward to seeing it again come springtime!

The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun

From the Abbey Road album of 1969, this is probably the most optimistic song about the sun of all time. It is a simple song of sheer joy and celebration at the end of winter and the coming of the warmer months. It can also be a metaphor for going through tough, dark times and coming out victorious.

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Johnny Cash – You Are My Sunshine

A song to lift the hearts of everyone who ever hears it. It is often played to show someone how much they mean to them. We all love sunshine as it is a real mood-booster so to say this about a person is a high complement indeed! For more benefits of sunshine in your life, consider Solar Panel Installers Clevedon from https://redbridgeandsons.co.uk/solar-pv-panels/solar-panel-installers-clevedon

Katrina And The Waves – Walking On Sunshine

This 1985 hit is a love song about how wonderful it feels when you’re in love. A feeling just like walking on sunshine, in fact! It is uplifting, optimistic and can only serve to cheer those who hear it.

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Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine

When we are apart from those we love, it can feel like the sunshine has been stripped from our lives and this is exactly how Bill Withers felt when he penned this 1971 classic hit.

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