The Rainmaker film shows the law.

The USA’s legal system is a popular subject in its TV and Movie industry. There are many examples of the ups and downs of trying to be a lawyer in the USA. There are comedy/drama examples like Ally McBeal and Suits or the more serious ones like LA Law. Regular courtrooms produce a huge amount of drama without the writers needing to invent them in the first place. The way to become a lawyer in North America is expensive and lengthy, but the rewards are very lucrative. It can also be a murky world too, and the 1997 film “The Rainmaker”, starring Matt Damon and Danny Devito is a great example of that.

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It’s centered around the difficulties for regular North Americans to get justice when they can’t afford the expensive lawyers or the firms to represent them. This film looks at a case where an insurance company dodges a payout on a legitimate claim. If the people seeking insurance had used Insurance Brokers Bristol based company like www.markrichard.co.uk they could be assured that they will get a good and reputable policy.

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Damon and Devito are two unlikely allies. They are thrown together when Damon joins a firm run by a dodgy lawyer who employs associates. However, Damon comes across a case that deserves more attention. The claimants have been ripped off by an insurance company. Only Damon and Devito have the skills, unproven as they are, to get success.

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