The Rise of the Flat Cap

There are many types of hats that have stood the test of time and are icons in their own right – the bowler hat, the fedora and of course the top hat are a few of these – however, the flat cap is another one of those hats that is as sought after today as it was when it first arrived on the scene.

The traditional flat cap like this Irish cap is something that has been worn in the UK since around the 16th Century. Made of wool which was the main material used for many items of clothing and great for keeping people who spent a lot of time working outdoors warm, the flat cap was a practical hat worn by working men.

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Throughout the centuries that followed, the flat cap was an essential for many working class people, from builders to farmers, however in the early part of the 20th Century, it also started to rise in popularity amongst the middle classes and the aristocracy too.

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Finding out that the headwear was ideal for keeping the head warm whilst on outdoor pursuits, such as hunting, shooting and fishing, all sports that were enjoyed by the upper classes in Britain, made the item a more popular choice amongst people that had previously not worn them.

Nowadays, flat caps are as popular as ever, and as well as being practical they have also been worn as a fashion item by many people, including David Beckham!

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