Crows in San Francisco Bring Gifts for Food

True Strange News. September 3, 2019. Some crows in San Francisco are bringing gifts for a woman who feeds them. “Melinda Green said she started feeding two families of crows that congregate outside her Marina District apartment about three years ago. Green told KGO-TV she and the crows have “rules established,” where they will watch for her blinds to be open and then come to collect treats from her fire escape landing and windowsill. … the crows started leaving her gifts in exchange for the food (including) portions of a champagne bottle, gummy bears, colorful rocks, bones, nuts and strange … Continue reading Crows in San Francisco Bring Gifts for Food

New Record: A 154 Cheese Pizza

Some interesting strange news I read April 9th includes a horse in a swimming pool in Pennsylvania, an alligator in a swimming pool in Florida, CHP capturing escaped alpacas, and a man bringing small trees onto a subway in New York, but my favorite, because it sounds so delicious, is a record breaking pizza in Australia with 154 different cheeses. Look at that mouthwatering pie! Mmm. Johnny di Francesco, chef at 400 Gradi in Melbourne, formerly held the Guinness World Record record for greatest variety of cheese on a pizza when he created a 99-cheese pizza, but he lost the … Continue reading New Record: A 154 Cheese Pizza

A Hamburger Sent into Space Tastes Like…?

The strangest thing I heard about today is people eating hamburgers they sent into space. This first went up the 27th of October, 2012 at 12:22 PM by five Harvard students. “Operation Skyfall: First Hamburger In Space,” landed 130 miles from the launch site. There is some debate as to where “space” actually starts. The first NASA definition was about 50 miles up, the point at which aircraft control surfaces were no longer useful due to the thin atmosphere. A common space definition is that it begins at the lowest altitude at which satellites can maintain orbits for a reasonable … Continue reading A Hamburger Sent into Space Tastes Like…?

Video: Battle of the Oranges, 2019 in Ivrea, Italy.

The best strange news I’ve seen for today, March 4, 2019 is the Battle of the Oranges. Imagine if you decided to travel to Italy not knowing much about the country and happened to show up between March 3rd to the 5th in the city of Ivrea. What you would see would seem pretty crazy: a massive costumed fruit fight. Ah, so that’s Italy… odd country, but they do seem to have fun. What’s really going on? Here are some details: The Battle of the Oranges (Carnevale di Ivrea) is one of the craziest and most widely-anticipated festivals in Italy. … Continue reading Video: Battle of the Oranges, 2019 in Ivrea, Italy.

A $1,000 Indonesian Fruit + Smell-o-Phone

Would you pay $1,000 for any single fruit in the world? The strangest thing I found today is a fruit (a durian variety) in Jakarta, Indonesia for which people will pay over $1,000 each. The smell of a durian, which has caused flight delays, is one I’ve never experienced, so I started wondering about smell-o-phones… is there such a thing? Read on… An Indonesian variety of the durian – a pungent, spiky fruit considered a delicacy across many parts of Asia — has been sold in a store on the island of Java for a hefty $1,000 per fruit. The … Continue reading A $1,000 Indonesian Fruit + Smell-o-Phone

Automated Farms with Robot Farmers

Would you eat food grown by robots? To survive the upcoming climate change apocalypse, we will probably need to grow more and more of our food indoors, possibly even underground. The transtion will not be easy, but it will go better if we start now. Fortunately, industrial robots are just getting good enough to handle masive scale hydroponic farming. If we combine our latest technologies such as desalinization of sea water with nano tech, clean power generation from tidal forces and perhaps geothermal graphene taps (or others that still work in a super volcano disaster, with little sunlight at the … Continue reading Automated Farms with Robot Farmers

British Airways Warning: Small Risk of Bullet Fragments (In Food)

We knew it from all those James Bond movies, but here is another reminder that the Brits are a tough lot: Bullet fragments among the wilted kale? Common practice to warn us about that, they say. The business class menu featured a bizarre warning It read: “Even though greatest care has been taken, due to the nature of the product there is a very small risk of bullet fragments that could be found in the meal.” Taken aback, the 63-year-old took a photo of the bizarre message and shared it on Twitter, saying: “You’ve got to be kidding me.” The … Continue reading British Airways Warning: Small Risk of Bullet Fragments (In Food)

New Record: Woman Names 27 Cheeses in 30 Seconds

How many cheeses can you name in 30 seconds? Get your timer or stop watch app out now and try. Ready? Go! I got an embarrassing five on my first try. I suspect you can do better. Leave your guessed number of cheeses in a comment if you like. Unless you work at a cheese counter (or live in Wisconsin, land of cheese) you may have trouble coming up with more than ten in 30 seconds. A Wisconsin woman wearing a cheesehead and carrying her young daughter name 27 cheeses in 30 seconds in a fan contest during a Milwaukee … Continue reading New Record: Woman Names 27 Cheeses in 30 Seconds

Spoon Removed From a Man’s Esophagus Was There For a Year

A man known only as Mr. Zhang in China swallowed a spoon and it got stuck in his esophagus. There the utensil stayed, for a year (!), until it started to bother him and he had it removed at a hospital in a life saving operation. A man in China had a steel spoon lodged in his esophagus for a year, but surprisingly, the half-swallowed utensil didn’t cause too much discomfort. The man — identified only as “Mr. Zhang” — swallowed the spoon on a dare in 2017, and it promptly got stuck in the narrow tube connecting his mouth … Continue reading Spoon Removed From a Man’s Esophagus Was There For a Year