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British Airways Warning: Small Risk of Bullet Fragments (In Food)

We knew it from all those James Bond movies, but here is another reminder that the Brits are a tough lot: Bullet fragments among the wilted kale? Common practice to warn us about that, they say. The business class menu featured a bizarre warning It read: “Even though greatest care has been taken, due to … Continue reading

New Record: Woman Names 27 Cheeses in 30 Seconds

How many cheeses can you name in 30 seconds? Get your timer or stop watch app out now and try. Ready? Go! I got an embarrassing five on my first try. I suspect you can do better. Leave your guessed number of cheeses in a comment if you like. Unless you work at a cheese … Continue reading

Spoon Removed From a Man’s Esophagus Was There For a Year

A man known only as Mr. Zhang in China swallowed a spoon and it got stuck in his esophagus. There the utensil stayed, for a year (!), until it started to bother him and he had it removed at a hospital in a life saving operation. A man in China had a steel spoon lodged … Continue reading

The End of Almond Milk in the USA by 2019?

The US FDA could put an end to almond milk by next year … but only in name. The issue is that almonds don’t lactate, so the word “milk” is not appropriate. (Image from veganhightechmom.com) The US Food and Drug Administration seems to have soured on nondairy milk-alternative products that use the term “milk” in their … Continue reading

Strange Food: A Conjoined Triplet Banana

In keeping with yesterday’s theme of true strange foods, here’s something you don’t see everyday: Siamese triplet bananas. There are others people have reported, so it does happen. This first photo doesn’t even look like a banana. Did you know each normal banana core has three segments? Each one of those segments is called a … Continue reading

Glass Gem Corn and Human Longevity

At first I thought it was someone’s art project using colored dyes, but this Glass Gem corn is real. Research supports claims that colorful foods can help us live long healthy lives. Below is both the story behind this colorful corn and why colorful foods promote longevity. The translucent rainbow kernels look more like Swarovski … Continue reading

Coming Soon: Self-Chilling Beverage Cans?

Today’s strange news award goes to an invention. Kate Bernot via thetakeout alerts us to something new and interesting coming to a convenience store near you. I didn’t think one of the coolest beverage innovations of the past few years would come courtesy of 7-Eleven, but here we have it: The convenience stores chain has … Continue reading

Science Shows How Real Yogurt Could Beat Drugs

Research suggests that yogurt may cure some drug resistant infections better than antibiotic drugs. I’ve learned some great nutrition practices from personal nutritional chefs who worked for billionaires. I’ve known two well, two nutritional chefs for two different billionaires. Weird, huh? Anyway, here is a useful secret; in the name of making a buck, the … Continue reading

Russia: McDonalds A “Foreign Agent”

If citizens in the USA were valued over corporations (as they once were) we would have more appropriate consumer protection and truth in advertising by law. At times foreign countries refuse American foods and products on the grounds that they are unhealthy. Russia considering labeling McDonalds as a “foreign agent” could be another such case. … Continue reading