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New hope for depression and anxiety

If you want to be calm and happy, make sure  JNK proteins are not suppressing newly generated nerve cells in your hippocampus. From the research below, I’d take an educated … Continue reading

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How to age more slowly

Centenarians reach age 100 because they age more slowly. Genetics play a part in resisting damage that accumulates over time, but there are things anyone can do to slow the aging … Continue reading

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Regeneration of human skin, a step closer

Will gray hair and wrinkles be optional in our lifetime? Doctors have found a way to manipulate wounds to heal as regenerated skin rather than scar tissue. The method involves … Continue reading

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Scientists use PLEKHA7 to turn cancer cells into normal cells

Scientists have turned cancerous cells back to normal by switching back on the process which stops normal cells from replicating too quickly. Cancer cells have been programmed back to normal … Continue reading

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Legs escape uterus in strange pregnancy complication 

Doctors at Angers University Hospital in France had never seen this one before. It is only the 26th documented episode of an extremely rare pregnancy complication, a tear in the … Continue reading

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Study: Female doctors are ~5% better

Female doctors seem on average better than their male counterparts at treating patients in the hospital and keeping them healthy long-term, according to findings published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine. … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi at 10,000x less power invented

… engineers in the US have just generated Wi-Fi transmissions that use 10,000 times less power than conventional methods, which means you can have everything downloading all the time, without … Continue reading

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