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Another Outrageous Conspiracy Theory is True

June 26, 2017


That the co-founder of a pharmacy would conspire to make more money by selling an unsafe product that kills people was an outrageous conspiracy theory. Now it is true. Is it really a stretch to include drug companies who make vaccines among those needing independent oversight for safety? People who think “anti-vaxxers are nutjobs who […]

Beating Lyme Disease, An Evidence-Based Approach

June 21, 2017


Hidden Lyme disease is huge and growing problem. Since tests for the infection are not conclusive for reasons you will read below, you can try a Lyme and co-infection elimination test, keeping a regular honest daily journal of times you take things and times you have symptoms. With a few caveats, elimination of symptoms will […]

Strange Sliding Feet Kinesthetic Hallucination 

June 10, 2017


I have not been sleeping the last four days, and it’s getting harder to concentrate as a result. You may notice my writing gets more chaotic as I fight Lyme/mold/immune system dysfunction. Perhaps it will be amusing or of scientific value. Here’s something pretty strange that happened to me this morning: Today, fully awake, standing […]

Project: Start Your Own Doomsday Seed Vault

May 20, 2017


Climate change has melted permafrost that was never expected to melt, partly flooding the world’s doomsday seed vault.  Flooding caused by climate change has hit the Global Seed Vault, which holds samples of the world’s seeds in the event of an apocalyptic catastrophe. The seeds weren’t damaged, but the entryway of the vault flooded when […]

Deadline: Act to Protect Organic Food and Your Health

May 17, 2017


This ticks me off. Imagine if someone came on your land and forced you to spray a cancer causing a poison. This is a physical attack on the bodies of a free people for corporate profit and it must be met with a solid NO! Do what you can. County officials want to spray a […]

Experiment: An Hour of Laughter Therapy Backfires

April 19, 2017


I recently tried laughter yoga to try to improve my immune system.  Laughter may reduce stress and improve NK cell activity. As low NK cell activity is linked to decreased disease resistance and increased morbidity in persons with cancer and HIV disease, laughter may be a useful cognitive-behavioral intervention. Link Laughter influences the expression of many genes […]

Lawsuit: Monsanto Ghostwrote Roundup Cancer Study

March 14, 2017


Some still completely refuse to believe RoundUp is dangerous, but yet another years-long “conspiracy theory” is about to be proven true. Perhaps. Our system is so messed up. Federal agencies rely on companies to self-report safety studies. That means a company can pay for 20 studies and if one of them shows the product is […]

In test, AI outperforms doctors for diagnosis 

March 7, 2017


AI medical diagnosis is interesting. Having observed a big city emergency room, do diagnostic medical robots assume people are answering truthfully?   Robots will soon be able to diagnose patients “more accurately and faster” than almost any doctor, says the man behind a controversial NHS scheme which will see chatbots employed to assess 111 calls. A […]

Subway denies chicken is 1/2 something else

March 1, 2017


The problem with soy in your chicken is that almost all soy is genetically modified. The modification allows the soy plants to be sprayed with a pesticide, RoundUp, lots of it. In the US, unless you’re eating organic food, you are consuming some glyphosate, the main ingredient in RoundUp. What’s wrong with that is this: […]

Huggable breathing robot pillow could cure insomnia

February 11, 2017


It could be your ideal sleeping companion – intelligent, caring, soft yet firm of body. And it won’t hog the duvet or thrash about in the night. Researchers have developed Somnox, a peanut-shaped pillow-robot as part of a mission to cure insomnia. The idea is to go to bed spooning the robot, which is equipped […]

Belly fat was really 130-lb benign tumor

February 8, 2017


It looked like fat. 57-year-old Roger Logan’s abdomen was so large the growth hung over his lower body like a boulder. It felt like fat. Logan was all but confined to a chair and could no longer work in his antiques store or spend quality time outside. After years visiting doctors only to be told […]

Can lithocholic acid slow human aging?

February 2, 2017


Researchers have noted that a set of genes involved in cellular oxygen use, energy production and damage from oxidation can increase or decrease lifespans of organisms. Researchers at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, have identified a secret to aging in yeast cells that could be targeted to improve health and extend life. The research team […]

Zuckerberg disease foundation buys AI engine to scour scientific papers for possible cures

January 25, 2017


I’m really excited by this idea, applying AI to research analysis, because  researchers too often don’t seem to know about eachother’s work. There’s just too much going on in many fields, not to mention interdisciplinary innovation. I am a bit skeptical about machines understanding what is written well enough that this could work, but with […]

Ultrasound restores memory in Alzheimer’s rats

January 24, 2017


Here is some research that could yield miraculous results in the area of anti-aging: A potential method of treating Alzheimer’s disease using ultrasound is being hailed as a “breakthrough”. A team of researchers at the University of Queensland’s Queensland Brain Institute Clem Jones Centre for Ageing Dementia Research have successfully restored memory function in mice […]

Common chemicals causing diabetes; mechanism: melatonin mimic

January 22, 2017


Will you be poisoned by pesticides today?  Synthetic chemicals commonly found in insecticides and garden products bind to the receptors that govern our biological clocks, University at Buffalo researchers have found. The research suggests that exposure to these insecticides adversely affects melatonin receptor signaling, creating a higher risk for metabolic diseases such as diabetes. Published […]

New hope for depression and anxiety

January 19, 2017


If you want to be calm and happy, make sure  JNK proteins are not suppressing newly generated nerve cells in your hippocampus. From the research below, I’d take an educated guess that learning new things in a happy environment would be a potent remedy for some types of anxiety and depression.  Researchers have made a […]

How to age more slowly

January 15, 2017


Centenarians reach age 100 because they age more slowly. Genetics play a part in resisting damage that accumulates over time, but there are things anyone can do to slow the aging process and improve health.   According to Israeli physician Nir Barzilai of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New […]

Regeneration of human skin, a step closer

January 6, 2017


Will gray hair and wrinkles be optional in our lifetime? Doctors have found a way to manipulate wounds to heal as regenerated skin rather than scar tissue. The method involves transforming the most common type of cells found in wounds into fat cells – something that was previously thought to be impossible in humans. Researchers […]

Scientists use PLEKHA7 to turn cancer cells into normal cells

December 29, 2016


Scientists have turned cancerous cells back to normal by switching back on the process which stops normal cells from replicating too quickly. Cancer cells have been programmed back to normal by scientists in a breakthrough which could lead to new treatments and even reverse tumour growth. For the first time aggressive breast, lung and bladder […]

Legs escape uterus in strange pregnancy complication 

December 23, 2016


Doctors at Angers University Hospital in France had never seen this one before. It is only the 26th documented episode of an extremely rare pregnancy complication, a tear in the wall of a 33 year old woman’s uterus, through which her baby’s legs and a large amount of protective amniotic fluid escaped. The condition was […]

Study: Female doctors are ~5% better

December 21, 2016


Female doctors seem on average better than their male counterparts at treating patients in the hospital and keeping them healthy long-term, according to findings published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine. The study, conducted by a team of researchers at Harvard, examined a random sample of Medicare patients hospitalized between January 2011 and December 2014 treated […]

Wi-Fi at 10,000x less power invented

December 16, 2016


… engineers in the US have just generated Wi-Fi transmissions that use 10,000 times less power than conventional methods, which means you can have everything downloading all the time, without sacrificing battery life. And it can already be used with off-the-shelf smartphones. So far, the team from the University of Washington has only managed to […]

Cheap World War I antisceptc may save your life

December 1, 2016


Acriflavine, an antiseptic used in WWI hospitals could be the key to fighting antibiotic resistance – one of the current biggest threats to global health. Seven decades ago this simple antiseptic made from coal tar was replaced by penicillin after the war. It fights both viral and bacterial infections in an entirely different way – one […]

Good news: type 2 diabetes is generally reversible

December 1, 2016


A new study from Newcastle University has shown that people who reverse their diabetes and then keep their weight down remain free of diabetes. … A growing body of evidence is showing that people with Type 2 diabetes who successfully lose weight can reverse their condition because fat is removed from their pancreas, returning insulin […]

That time Fluoride killed 47 people in a hospital

November 30, 2016


I wasn’t around, but the Internet remembers. Tomorrow is the 74th anniversary of the publication of the following Time magazine article: Assistant Cook A. M. McKillop was short-handed and in a tearing hurry. His supper menu at the Oregon State Hospital for the Insane, in Salem, called for scrambled eggs. He needed powdered milk to […]

Fighting superbug bacteria with other bacteria

November 26, 2016


Want to save 10 million people? Find a solution to superbugs. … If things keep going as they are, antibiotic-resistant superbugs are expected to kill 10 million people by 2050, and so far, we have no solution. But researchers have found that we could actually fight fire with fire – a predatory bacterium has been […]