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Cancer Cells Turned into Harmless Fat Cells in Mice

We are built from cells that form tissues and organs. The free-radical theory of aging says accumulation of cell damage from oxygen (ROS) generated in metabolism eventually ends the balancing act of life. Crudely, we rust faster than we repair. Biological longevity is sometimes seen as a ballance between cells that die too fast (senescence) … Continue reading

Contact Found 28 Yrs Later in Eyelid + Man With (Almost) No Brain

Here is one of the strangest medical cases from 2018. A woman lost a contact lens and it was found 28 years later … inside of a cyst in her eyelid. It was successfully removed with surgery and her problems went away. When a woman in the United Kingdom lost her contact lens while playing … Continue reading

Brain Study: Creativity is Supressing the Obvious

Very creative people can be oddly oblivious to the obvious. New brain research suggests that suppression of our most common pathways (thoughts) is the underlying mechanism for creativity. Remember as you read that brain waves are only patterns resulting from groups of brain cells sending signals. Brain waves are the electrical sums of brain cell … Continue reading

New Natural Antibiotics Found in Dirt

Have you heard of kanglemycins? These newly discovered antibotics were found by examining organisms from dirt. In 2018 we are still at a primitive stage where most of us can not engineer safe cures for common diseases. As pathogenic microbes have evolved, thanks in part to our overuse of antibiotics, our arsenal of antibiotics have … Continue reading

Video: Rare White Moose Pair + Lyme Questions

A Canadian couple recently captured footage of a pair of rare white moose. What are the odds of these awesome animals? A northern Ontario couple was treated to a rare sighting of not one but two white ‘spirit moose,’ and they managed to capture the magical experience on camera. Nicole Leblanc of Timmins, Ont., tells … Continue reading

Lyme Arthritis: Boswellia (Frankincense) for “Trigger Finger”

This may be of help to anyone with strange mysterious joint pain. Over the last two weeks, I’ve progressively lost function of my fingers of both hands, especially upon waking. Daily worsening “trigger finger,” an arthritis-like swelling of tendons, makes it more and more painful and difficult to move my fingers. My Kaiser doctors say … Continue reading

FitBit: 150 Billion Data Hrs Shows Sleep Hours Sweet Spot, Optimal Health Strategy

An astounding 150 billion hours of collected FitBit data from tens of millions of users indicates: 1) Aim for the sweet spot of 7.25 hrs sleep, as more or less is unhealthy. 2) Move your body throughout the day (eg. take an hour long walk every morning) and 3) get an average of 30 min … Continue reading

Glass Gem Corn and Human Longevity

At first I thought it was someone’s art project using colored dyes, but this Glass Gem corn is real. Research supports claims that colorful foods can help us live long healthy lives. Below is both the story behind this colorful corn and why colorful foods promote longevity. The translucent rainbow kernels look more like Swarovski … Continue reading

Self Brainwashing for Positive Transformation (without 18-MC)

In meditation I had the thought that our minds may be illusory, the inglorious result of phrase picker engines operating to “light up” the brain’s reward center, and that I may not exist as anything more than the result of that neural process. I don’t feel that way, however, and even if true, it’s not … Continue reading

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