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Shifting Between Worlds

This is cognitive liberty lesson #37. There is a concept called the “Assemblage Point” which you may one day find extremely useful. The AP is your attitude, your current mindset, the gestalt of your recent experience. Shifting the AP is a vital skill; it is that innate playfulness we may misplace as adults. The skill … Continue reading

Human-Sheep Hybrids Created, Replacement Organ Breakthrough

Human-Sheep hybrids have been recently created and the plan is to use them to grow replacement organs for humans. What’s wrong with this picture? First, it may be not be necessary. Some researchers know that Type 2 diabetes is not the incurable progressive disease some medical experts claim. Many patients hear the hopelessness, believe it … Continue reading

Australia: Country or Continent? Your Job May Depend on the Answer

Professors grading papers, be warned: be sure you know if Australia is a country before failing a student for making that claim. If you do make a factual error, admit you were wrong and apologize. Humility is, to my way of thinking, a sign of mental health. An online adjunct professor incorrectly told a student … Continue reading

Science Shows How Real Yogurt Could Beat Drugs

Research suggests that yogurt may cure some drug resistant infections better than antibiotic drugs. I’ve learned some great nutrition practices from personal nutritional chefs who worked for billionaires. I’ve known two well, two nutritional chefs for two different billionaires. Weird, huh? Anyway, here is a useful secret; in the name of making a buck, the … Continue reading

Black Toxic “Mushroom Cloud” Over Richmond is from A Scrap Metal Fire

1/31 Update: Blaze contained, shelter in place order lifted. A shelter-in-place order across areas of Richmond was lifted Wednesday morning after firefighters managed to gain control of a blaze that sparked at a scrap metal facility Tuesday afternoon, according to fire officials. Via NBCBayArea 1/30 Previous article: A new field reporter for TrueStrange just phoned … Continue reading

Russia: McDonalds A “Foreign Agent”

If citizens in the USA were valued over corporations (as they once were) we would have more appropriate consumer protection and truth in advertising by law. At times foreign countries refuse American foods and products on the grounds that they are unhealthy. Russia considering labeling McDonalds as a “foreign agent” could be another such case. … Continue reading

You Are A Change Machine

On this journey of self-discovery, we constantly change to maintain plateaus of equilibrium. Remember being a single cell? A blastocyst? A gastrula? An embryo? Recall your first breath? We experience metamorphoses, periods of rapid change, followed by finding the new normal, the new balance of forces that allows life energy to exist and to flow … Continue reading

We Are As We Remember

I spoke to a holy man, told him of my darkness, my troubles. He said make every day a prayer to celebrate love. It made sense. Fill an unsettled mind all day with what strengthens and get to inner peace, perhaps even a full night’s sleep. In practice, it seems to be a balancing act. … Continue reading

PTSD Jitters and Mr Robot

I need more therapy. A car just backfired and I hit the deck ready for a shootout, embarrassed halfway down at the misinterpretation.  Misinterpretations. That’s the key. Mine, theirs, everyone’s.  I have processed a lot of grief, but this … it’s something new. Trauma messes with you. I had no idea. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is … Continue reading