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Famous 1964 Spaceman Photo Explained

Some may remember a case of a spaceman photographed by Jim Templeton. It caused an uproar at the time, a time before Photoshop. This is photo is still circulating on social media in the year 2018. Jim Templeton said he could not see it at the time he took the photo and he was genuinely … Continue reading

15,000+ Posts on Xenophilia.com Now Restored, Happy New Year

Hello Fellow Time Travellers, I’ve done much technical fiddling to revive xenophilia.com as the now archives for truestrange.com. Stop by Xenophilia — which means “love of the strange” — to browse over 15,000 articles collected over more than 15 years. Hosts tell me I could make money if I had ads on the site, but … Continue reading

RIP Tom Petty

There was initial confusion when Tom Petty had a cardiac arrest and was reported to have died. For a while, some sites said there was a mistake and he was still alive. Now, it seems universally reported that he has indeed passed.  Tom Petty wrote great honest rock songs with memorable melodies. Here are a … Continue reading

Atomic Bomb Depicted in Ancient Seal? No. Modern Art.

You may see this image on places like Pinterest and Instagram, posted without fact checking as proof of ancient super technology. This is art by Steven Parker. It’s a parody. The story is fun. There is this video: There is also a full story of how the seal was supposedly discovered. …. When I mentioned … Continue reading

The 1st President of USA? Not George Washington

It is mind blowing when basic facts we believed our entire lives turn out to be wrong. Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, the Earth revolves around the sun, and the first president of the USA was George Washington, right? Are you sure? WHO WAS THE FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES? I’m sure that George … Continue reading

A Roman War Tool Still Influences the World

You may have heard the quotes, “Truth is the first casualty of war,” or “The winner of a war rewrites history,” but few know we still today experience a history rewrite by Romans who won an ancient war. If independent historical religious researchers are correct, the Flavian emperors of Rome left behind not just language, pottery, … Continue reading

Secret Plan to Clone Salvador Dalí?

They say it’s about a paternity case, but the genetic material to soon be collected might be secretly used to clone the long dead surrealist painter. In a surreal turn, a judge in Madrid ordered that Salvador Dalí’s body — interred for nearly three decades — be exhumed after a 61-year-old Spanish woman claimed the … Continue reading

How Big is This Universe?

If you like science history or just want to understand the universe better,  I recommend Everything and Nothing, the Amazing Science of Empty Space, which is a free documentary if you have an Amazon Prime membership.  Science, philosophy, history: all of that is mixed into this documentary that tries to conceive just how big space … Continue reading

Mothman Reappears, April 2017 in Chicago?

In 1966, Point Pleasant West Virginia, four sober and visibly shaken witnesses went to the sheriff and reported that they saw a 6 ft thing like a giant bat with human legs and glowing red eyes where it’s shoulders would be. It stood up and took off from the middle of the road and flew above … Continue reading