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Creating a games room in your garage

Games rooms were all the rage in 1980s America, although they were often found in the basement of suburban homes. It might have seemed like a dream to have a games room here in the UK but there is one overlooked space that you could use. The garage!

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This space is most often used for storing junk or bicycles and garden equipment. You could instead convert this into a games room for all the family to enjoy. It can also be a space where you teenage children can hang out with their friends in safety, rather than aimlessly wandering the town centre.

In order to make a games room you will need to ensure that the space is watertight. This will mean checking for damp, damp-proofing the walls and ensuring that water can not seep through the doorway. If your door is not closing as securely as it used to, you can work with a Garage Doors Taunton company like www.upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk/garage-doors/garage-doors-taunton  to have this repaired or replaced.

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Next you will need to look at adding some flooring and also adding some interior walls so that the garage space is more insulated. This can be done relatively easily and you can then decorate the inside if you want to. Adding some home comforts such as a nice sofa and some rugs can help to make the space feel cosier and much more inviting.

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