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Fencing Choices for your Garden

If the time has come to replace your garden fence, you might be a bit overwhelmed at the amount of choice out there and unsure of what is suitable for your garden. It is a good idea to get a professional like this fencing Loughborough based company https://directfencingandcontracting.com/service/fencing-loughborough to install your new fence, regardless of the type of fence that you choose. To help you choose the right fence, here are some of the things that you should take into consideration when you are looking around…

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Security – One of the most important roles of a fence in the garden is to provide you with security. If you have dogs or kids, you will want to make sure that your garden is safe and can contain them so that they can’t get out, and you also want to make sure that burglars are not able to easily get in.

Bad Weather – If you live in an area that is more likely to experience bad weather, such as in an exposed place, up a hill or in a coastal region, then you should certainly think about the more durable types of fencing that are available, as well as suitable treatments to give them as much protection as possible.

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The Appearance – How your fence looks needs to be pleasing too, so consider the types of fencing that will look good in your garden. You can soften a harsh look by growing climbing plants up a fence, or adding ornaments and decorations.

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