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Have you got a flat roof?

You may not be familiar with the upkeep of a flat-roof roof if you have just moved into your new home. For weatherproofing, flat roofs in domestic properties are traditionally covered with two or more layers of bituminous tar felt. Now, liquid-applied systems like glass fibre are widely used.

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Single-ply membranes can also be used, and are best suited to larger roofs. The most common flat roof system is bitumen membranes. They are much better quality than the ones used in previous decades. Reinforced membranes is another name for them. Sometimes mastic asphalt is used, but because it’s heavy, the roof must be built with a stronger construction. For information on Flat Roofing Cheltenham, visit DTaylor Roofing, an expert in Flat Roofing Cheltenham.

The waterproofing material used on top is affected by the construction of the roof deck. In the construction industry, there are two terms that are used to describe flat roofing: Warm Roof and Cold Roof. In the UK, a warm roof construction is recommended.

Warm Roofs

This construction type places the insulation above a roof deck to keep it ‘warm’. This construction is the best for residential properties, as it eliminates the need to ventilate the roof structure. The membrane is attached to the insulation.

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Cold Roofs

Insulation is often placed above the ceiling and the waterproofing directly on the deck. This allows the decking to become cold.

The waterproofing of a flat-roof is always supported by the structural roof deck. It is typically made of timber boards supported by joists. Ceilings are usually attached directly to the undersides of the joists.

Specified insulations can be used above the waterproofing. However, this type of construction is usually reserved for commercial and industrial structures and very rarely seen on residential buildings.

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