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Kindergarten from an old warehouse

Yasutaka Yushimura, an architect based in Tokyo, has created a kindergarten that consists of a fabric structure enclosed by a transparent membrane in the form of the original warehouse on a disused Japanese industrial site.

The kindergarten is in Ichihara Prefecture, Chiba. Yushimura’s Tokyo studio was given the task of transforming the industrial site into an inviting community centre and kindergarten for children and their parents.

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Yushimura also created a tiny weekend house with views of the mountains in Kanagawa. With Mount Fuji on one side, the views are incredible. When you need a Monmouth Architect, consider Hills and Company.

Kindergarten structure

The warehouse was originally intended to be retained, but the architects decided to remove it due to its high cost to comply with current building codes. The builders were then able to install the heating system they wanted.

It is important to have a space that children can grow in and enjoy. The team decided to use a large, self-supporting structure with a gabled shape that echoes the original industrial unit. The framework is covered in a waterproof membrane and glazed surfaces are used to create windows and doors.

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Fabric architecture

Tensile interiors are spacious and light. Fabric spaces are produced by companies that specialise in the production of attractive structures. Translucent material allows for light to pass through the walls and roof, while cables keep the membrane and framework rigid without the need for unsightly beams and columns.

Kindergarten interior

On the ground floor, the interior of the Fukumasu Base has been divided into functional areas by freestanding wooden structures. These provide spaces for both staff and children. On this floor, toilets, a storage room, a blackboard area, and a multipurpose space are all located.

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