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Maintenance tips for Double Glazed Windows and Doors

When it comes to looking after your double glazing, there are a few tips that can help you keep it in tip top condition.

Glass cleaning

  • Glass can be easily scratched so before cleaning your windows be sure to remove any jewellery.
  • Window cleaners are best applied using a soft microfibre cloth. If the cleaner isn’t effective on heavier external dirt, warm water and washing up liquid should do the trick.
  • Glass that is laminated or in a Georgian style with bars can be cleaned in the same way.

If you scratch your glass, many scratches can be removed using a rubbing compound. To find out more about Double Glazing Bridgwater, visit a site like https://choicetradeframes.co.uk/upvc-windows-doors/bridgwater/

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UPVC frame cleaning

  • Never use a solvent-based cleaner or one that’s in any way abrasive on your UPVC frames.
  • All you need is warm soapy water to wipe down and remove any grime build-up.
  • If any marks are particularly stubborn, a cleaner can be used if it is non-abrasive.

Conservatory cleaning

  • Again, no solvent or abrasive cleaners should be applied.
  • Any roofing parts, rafters or UPVC components should use the same cleaning rules as UPVC frames.
  • To avoid any potential risk of water pooling or overflowing, clear any guttering of leaves and debris.

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Brass parts

  • Brass components have been pre-treated with a protective layer of lacquer.
  • Normal use can cause the lacquer to peel or tarnish. Any chemicals you use on brass should be kept away from the UPVC.

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