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Protect Your Home From Burglars Over the Festive Season

The festive season is approaching, and at this time of the year burglaries can increase. To protect your home, here are some of the things that you can do….

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Don’t Leave Visible Clues – There are lots of clues that burglars will look out for that might entice them to break in. Firstly, if you have gifts that are expensive, take care when you recycle the packaging. Leaving packaging from expensive items outside your home means that burglars can see what you have inside.

If you are going away for the festive season, make sure that it is not obvious that nobody is at home, so get someone you trust to come over and park their car outside, put lights on and off and put bins out.

Make sure Your Locks are Secure – Locks are the best way of keeping people out of your home. Make sure that they are all working as they should be – if not, get a professional like this locksmith Blackheath based company https://www.allcitylocksmiths.co.uk/local/blackheath-locksmith/ to come and repair or replace them for you.

As well as your house, you should also make sure that you secure sheds, garages and other outbuildings too, as these are also at risk of being broken into.

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Use CCTV and Alarm Systems – CCTV and home alarm systems are a great way to defend your home. Homes that have security systems are not as appealing to burglars, and they are less likely to run the risk if they can see that you have security cameras and alarms.

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