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The biggest carpet colour for 2024

It’s official! Natural shades and pastel tones are out, and brightly coloured carpets are claiming the top spot in 2024!Loved by designers for their versatility, texture, and warmth, carpets are the perfect flooring choice for anyone looking to refresh their interiors. Here’s a look at the top carpet trends coming in 2024.

Collection of different types of carpet samples

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Ruby red
2024 looks set to be a year of bold choices, and this is evident in the year’s top carpet choice – ruby red. Providing an elegant aesthetic, ruby red carpets help to create a dramatic look in any room. Red shades are also fantastic at enlivening and energising spaces and contrast well with other, softer tones.

Orange looks set to be another popular choice for carpets come spring. Orange has a fun energy that can be easily paired with darker colours such as blue and green. It’s lively and sunny and especially well suited to bedrooms and laid-back, relaxing spaces.

Mixing up red and orange tones, rust-coloured carpets are a fantastic option for anyone seeking some flooring inspiration. Softer rusty shades are a good choice for smaller rooms, but they’re also a perfect base for adding metallic or brighter-coloured elements.

Planning a refurb

The first step in any refurb is to work out your budget. Check a Trade estimates that a whole house renovation costs between £35, 000 and £69, 000. If you’re considering updating your flooring, and you’re working out your finances, companies such as pay weekly carpets can help by enabling you to spread the cost. Pay weekly carpets also mean that you won’t have to save up a lot of money before you start your project.

Flooring Store

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Whether you’re planning a total home overhaul, or just looking to update your interiors, these carpets should provide you with plenty of inspiration.

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