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What is the Process of Installing Wall Insulation?

Insulating old walls requires pulling down existing drywall, which may be time-consuming and difficult. It’s best to call in a contractor for this type of work. They will come with bags of rolled or batt insulation, a step ladder and an installer’s stick, which looks a little like a broom handle with a nail sticking out at one end. This is to help the installer push the insulation into tight spaces and also acts as a straightedge for the utility knife.

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Before starting, clear the area to be worked on and make sure there are no nails or other hindrances in the wall cavities. This will help speed up the job and keep things tidy. It’s important to measure the space from floor to ceiling, as this will determine how much insulation you need and how large to cut the insulation for a snug fit. You can purchase rolled or batt insulation in different widths, depending on your home’s size. For details on Insulation Render for external insulation, go to https://www.apsltdbristol.co.uk/external-wall-insulation

Once you have the right amount, begin by cutting the insulation to size with your utility knife (if it’s not already the correct length). You can do this on a piece of scrap wood or cardboard, and use it as a straightedge. Make sure the face of the insulation, which is covered in a paper or foil moisture barrier, is facing toward the room.

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Once you’re ready to start insulating, begin with the first section of wall and fill in between the studs. Work in a systematic manner, using offcuts to fill gaps and tuck the insulation around electrical outlets or other features.

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