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What is your dream bedroom like?

What would your dream bedroom be like if you were to renovate your tired bedroom? The ultimate boudoir would be one that is a place of luxury and relaxation, with opulence and glamour. You can have a bedroom that is rich and sexy or monochrome, bright and exotic, whatever your taste. They are fun to redesign and you can do it in any style. Consider these ideas when planning your bedroom makeover.

  • Try recreating the loft-like feel in your bedroom if you like all things modern and light. Light, cool, crisp linens and clean shapes. You can add a modern low-level furniture and reclining chair to this minimalist look. To create a bedroom as part of Loft Conversions Exeter, visit Silverfern, who provide Loft Conversions Exeter.

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  • For a romantic look, choose rich colours to compliment neutral walls. Accent colours are great to draw attention to a specific area, like the bed. A deep red bedding or throw will bring attention to the area without overdoing it.
  • You can make your point with your furniture. French-style furnishings add a subtle touch of glamour to any room. Mirrored furniture or a large ornate mirror will add a touch of sophistication.

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  • The look of a featured wallpaper on a wall is stunning. Florals or metallics are great for feature walls. Even with floral patterns, using contrast tones and scatter cushions that match in bright colours can give this room a stylish look.
  • Comfort is as important as fashion when it comes to bed linen. Keep your bedroom simple to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere, but dress up your bed in top-quality bedding.
  • Are you afraid to go bold in a tiny room? With a bold, vertically striped wallpaper that creates the illusion of space and a rich, jewel toned bed spread, you don’t need to be.

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