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Strangest Cello Music

The guys from 2CELLOS are pretty amazing, and performing heavy metal rock music (in this case, Thunderstruck by AC/DC) with cellos is definitely a bit strange. The thing is, it works, don’t you agree? I prefer the cellos to his voice, but to each his own.   I love the audience reaction at the end. … Continue reading

In the Future: Tesla Roadster Found in Space (Star Trek, Humor)

I never really got into this particular spinoff of the original Star Trek series, but any science fiction fan might enjoy this clip: Great isn’t it? In the original Star Trek: Voyager scene its a 1936 Ford in space. Rust? That’s right, Captain. High levels of ferric oxide corroded iron particles. Would you mind telling … Continue reading

Best Refutation of Flat Earth Theory (Humor)

This brilliant graphic once and for all ends the flat earth debate. I didn’t notice the point the globe inset was making at first. I was busy looking at the crazy column in the clouds thinking, “Hmmm… tornado? Photoshop?” If you see the Earth’s mounting axis, be sure to get more than one good photo … Continue reading

The Turkey Whisperer

This video cracked me up. This rafter of turkeys responding to a human turkey impersonator is the strangest thing I saw today. Interspecies communication at its least comprehensible. – TrueStrange.com

Experiment: An Hour of Laughter Therapy Backfires

I recently tried laughter yoga to try to improve my immune system.  Laughter may reduce stress and improve NK cell activity. As low NK cell activity is linked to decreased disease resistance and increased morbidity in persons with cancer and HIV disease, laughter may be a useful cognitive-behavioral intervention. Link Laughter influences the expression of many genes … Continue reading

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