5 Key things that you will gain from volunteering

We’ve always had a “roll up our sleeves and pitch in” attitude in the UK and the chance to volunteer is one of the best examples of this. More and more of us are looking to get some volunteering experience under our belts to show that we are socially responsible. However, it’s not just the organisation that benefits from your volunteering, there are also the many things that you will gain from the experience as well. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and volunteering then Volunteer Jobs Cardiff, and throughout South Wales are available to anyone on the lookout for an opportunity.

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There are 5 key things that you will gain from volunteering

  • A sense of Pride. You will be working and supporting a cause that you truly believe in and helping to provide a useful service. Your free time will allow the funds to be diverted elsewhere in the organisation and open up more opportunities to help others.

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  • Skill and Career Development. It may be that you need to get some experience in a certain field of work, especially if you want to build a career in it. Rather than just relying on academic work being a part of the employment world you want to get into, via some work experience, it can be all the difference when you apply later.
  • Networking and Personal growth. A volunteer role will allow you the chance to build up your connections in the field and allow you the chance to grow as a person.

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