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Ireland has given us many things.  Myths, Legend, music, beautiful dance routines, it is all linked to the wonderful emerald isles.  Due to the fact that so many Irish people have left to emigrate to other countries like the Americas or Australia and South Africa there is an argument to suggest that  Irishness is a global phenomenon.  Irish bars and Irish themed pubs, plus Patrick’s Day, have all contributed to our impression of this tiny Western Island just off  Europe.

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This is also true of its clothes.  When we speak about, and we think of, some of the many types of garments that are worn in a traditional Irish setting it’s easy to see why they are popular.  For example, the gentleman’s tweed jacket is one of the most iconic types of clothing that comes from Ireland along with the peaked cap.  This seems to be a ubiquitous style of dress for men in Ireland from the turn of the century onward and it has remained a popular look.

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The most unisex type of Irish design of clothing has to be that of the aran sweater. Suppliers like, carry a full Range of designs that suit both men and women.  one of the Eternal strengths of the iron sweater into the actual wool that it’s made from.  Its original purpose was to protect fishermen out in the stormy North Atlantic.  The wool of the sheep from the Aran islands  has a certain quality that is both warming but also water resistant.  It makes it the perfect spring autumn outfit.

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