Elderly Health During the Winter

For elderly people, keeping healthy over the winter is particularly important. Winter can be a tricky time for most people, but for older people it is a time of year that can be particularly tough, and it is important to be aware of the risks that come with the winter.

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One of the main things is of course the cold. This is something that can cause health problems that in some cases are so severe they are deadly, so making sure that the home is warm enough is essential. A home thermometer in the main rooms is a good way to monitor this. As well as keeping the home warm, other ways to keep the body warm include thermal clothing and warm drinks and meals.

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Another thing that many people struggle with in the winter is making sure that they get plenty of exercise. Although it is often cold and wet, a good walk can do wonders for the mind and the body. For older people, walking can be more dangerous at this time of the year so mobility aids like this are a good way to get out for a walk whilst having the right support.

In the winter there are also more germs going around. Having your winter vaccinations will help to prevent serious illness, and also making sure that you have the right vitamins in the body, both from a healthy diet and supplements taken daily.

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