Getting Kids to Enjoy the Garden

A garden is a great place for kids to have fun and it has the benefit of being safe and enclosed, so you can rest assured that they are able to enjoy being out there without risk.

If you struggle to get them off the tablet and away from the television, here are three ways that can help children to be more engaged with the garden….

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Get them Interested in Wildlife – Getting kids to foster a relationship with the natural world is so important for them. Growing a wildflower garden, creating a bird feeding area and also making spaces where animals can shelter over the winter are all great garden activities to get kids engaging with nature outside the window.

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A Space to Play – Outdoor play is good for kid’s health and helps to get them that fresh air that they need. Equipment to play on from places like this playgrounds Gloucester based company is a really good way to encourage them to engage with the space outside. Garden games are also a good way to get kids playing outdoors.

Growing their own Food – Creating a vegetable garden is something that children can enjoy throughout the year. Growing vegetables from seeds is a good way to get children into gardening, as they can enjoy caring for the plants and watching them grow – and then of course they can enjoy eating them when they are ready!

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