How to Choose a Water Cooler for Your Office

The modern workplace, home or public space needs a reliable solution for ensuring that everyone has access to clean, refreshing water. It’s not just a matter of convenience; providing drinking water is also a primary safety requirement mandated by Occupational Health, as well as a proven way to elevate efficiency and productivity.

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Whether you’re looking for an office water cooler or a personal unit for your home, there are many options to consider. Besides choosing the best capacity for your space, you should also pay attention to features like child safety protection, night light and self-cleaning functions. If you’re concerned about electricity costs, opt for a model with an energy efficiency rating.

You can choose from freestanding Water Coolers Wales that sit on the floor or a countertop version that fits into a designated spot, such as next to a sink. The latter are a popular choice for offices and other busy areas because they offer both hot and cold water while taking up less space. For Water Coolers Wales, visit Water For You.

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You should also take into consideration whether you want to lease or buy your equipment. If you decide to lease, look for a provider that will meet with you in person for a free consultation without “upselling” you into services or products you don’t need. It’s also important that your provider offers regular deliveries based on your consumption patterns and delivers the highest-quality purified bottled water. Ultimately, you want to be able to count on your office water delivery service for everything from maintenance and repairs to cleaning and replenishment.

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