Living and working in the multicultural City of Gloucester

The City of Gloucester is a multicultural, vibrant place to live and work, for example, the old, dilapidated docks area has been completely transformed into a thriving centre for shopping, eating and socialising. There is a multi-screen cinema, several wonderful restaurants where you can taste and enjoy French, Italian, Greek and British cuisine.  The Quays designer shopping centre has a multitude of individual and branded stores to choose from so you can shop, eat and socialise to your heart’s content.

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The town centre also has plenty of shops, cafes and of course the magnificent Cathedral to occupy your time. There is a smorgasbord of clothes shops, jewellery stores, a Vodafone Store Near Me such as, stationary shops, perfume outlets and a myriad of other choices that awaits you.  Working in the City you have access to a great bus service stationed in the brand-new depot, a busy train station where regular services can take you all over the country, and a wealth of taxi companies ready to take you wherever you need to go. Gloucester Park is a perfect place to have a mid-day picnic while your children play happily on the swings, slides or skate park nearby.

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There is a great selection of Doctors Surgeries, Dentists, Veterinary practises and of course the Gloucester Royal Hospital where you could go in an emergency. The Quays area, town centre and the Cathedral really do make Gloucester City a wonderful place to live and work.

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