Men’s Foot Care Advice For Summer

The sun is out and so are men’s feet, possibly for the first time since last summer. Men can often be accused of neglecting their feet, spending time in front of the mirror perfecting their hair but not paying enough attention to the health and grooming of their feet.

Here are a few handy tips so you can totally nail it this summer:

  • Toenails should never be left excessively long so keep them neat and trimmed. Invest in a good quality pair of clippers as cheap ones can often botch the job, leaving you with rough edges, cutting down the sides which can lead to ingrown nails and splitting. A good goal is nails that are clean, squared off and about level with the top of your toe.

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  • Deal with cracked, dry heels. When you don your sliders for the first time, dry, cracked heels are really obvious. Use a manual foot file or invest in a mini-sander pedi gadget for men to get rid of dead skin. When you need a Podiatrist Worcester, contact Pro Podiatry, a leading Podiatrist Worcester.
  • Apparently hairy feet for men is a good sign and shows strong circulation to the extremities. That’s great but generally, it’s not considered nice to look at. One solution to furry toes is to wax them in time for summer. Eyebrow waxing strips are also the perfect size for doing your toes!

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  • Don’t be afraid to moisturise. It’s not just for the girls. Moisturising has both functional and aesthetic benefits. It prevents cracks and fissures appearing, which can be painful and lead to infection if left. Nobody needs to know, as the best time to apply a moisturising foot cream is just before you go to bed at night.

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