The basics of First Aid are vital.

Getting to a human being showing signs of physical distress is a vital part of saving them. If swift and proper first aid is not administered, then, in many cases, the patient could die. Therefore, we should all benefit from attending a First Aid at Gloucester course run by someone like  With the increasingly infrequent appearance and reliability of ambulances we increasingly have to look to ourselves, and those around us for support and help.

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First Aid basics are pretty simple affairs, or so it may seem. In the first place, they mainly cover how to deal with issues surrounding the heart. For example, a stroke or a full-on heart attack can have its debilitating effects significantly reduced if there is treatment straight away. In the case of a heart attack, it is all about ensuring that the heart is restarted as soon as possible via chest compressions and possibly mouth-to-mouth.

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Other subjects that the courses look at are how to deal with the fracture of bones and the like. This can also be the difference between losing the leg and having mobility problems later. Thirdly, the subject of cuts is covered. Certain parts of the body bleed more profusely than others, and the course tells you how to stem excessive blood loss and how to bandage the person with the cut properly afterwards. You are also taught how to make a splint and what to do to make the person more comfortable.


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