The glittering career of Anne Hathaway

There are few more accomplished female actors in the world of film than Anne Hathaway. She has been delighting and entertaining us for many years. Anne is versatile and able to turn her hand to any role. Dramatic and comedic parts are both well within her grasp. Let’s take a look at some of her most iconic roles over the decades. There is sure to be lots more to follow.

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  • The Princess Diaries. Here was the young Anne bursting onto the screen as Mia, the gawky, geeky teenager who suddenly finds herself a Princess and the heir to a rich European nation. She is aided by her Grandmother played by Julie Andrews. The performance really set up Anne’s career.
  • Brokeback Mountain. This was her first proper adult film role. Starring alongside Heath Ledger and Jack Gyllenhaal, with a strong performance from Michelle Williams as well Anne shows her more dramatic and sober side. The film was to go on to be Oscar-nominated.

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  • The Devil wears Prada. This was Anne taking the lead in a film and holding her own. Despite being next to heavyweights like Glenn Close and Stanely Tucci, she creates great familiarity and sympathy for her character.
  • The Hustle. It takes great bravery to choose a role that was once the domain of Sir Michael Caine, but Anne does it with a remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. It’s hard to see how she could have used the money she made from the scams with AML ID CHECK technology like that from

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