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Illusions: Which Order Tells the Story Best?

August 8, 2017


Which is the correct order for these life-like white animals by Amol Jadhav?  There is more here than meets the eye, of course. The genius behind it is that once you make a discovery, you aren’t done. Or are you? Is it your imagination, or did the artist create a story on purpose? How deep […]

FightBit? Device Predicts Fights Among Couples

April 24, 2017


This AI wearable device can predict arguments. It could be the precursor to eventual home couple’s therapy robots (CTRs).  Wearables have become typecast as fitness trackers, but projects like this one show that they could have an impact on many aspects of our health and well-being. The University of Southern California has published the results […]

Are quantum computers proof of multiple universes?

March 18, 2017


Quantum computers may be 100 million times more powerful than today’s computers and they may do that by computing results simultaneously in multiple universes. Really? Google and Nasa announced they were collaborating on the D-Wave X2 quantum computer, which they say is 100 million times faster than a conventional computer chip, in 2013. It can […]

Google to elevate disagreement. Is your gut reaction valid?

February 23, 2017


Going with your gut instinct is quick. If your education included logical reasoning (test) and that became part of your natural process of discernment, you will consider facts along with their sources and merits and your choices will most often be correct. If, however, you learned to think in a way that takes any view […]

How to do APT: Automatic Positive Thinking

February 16, 2017


Here’s an amazing thing you can do to explore and improve your own mind. Sit comfortably in a relaxed position. With each in-breath say, “I take as given that…” and then during your relaxed out-breath, think of and say something positive to finish the sentence. Don’t judge it, just say it. After several of these, […]

Photos of largest heart in solar system from Earth’s fastest spacecraft

February 14, 2017


Did you know that there is a giant white heart shape on Pluto? I like to think it is planet scale graffiti, that someone left it for us as a message. … In 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft came across something incredible on Pluto’s surface while performing its famous flyby—a massive heart-shaped region that stretches […]

The App we most need: An interactive roadmap of human progress

February 14, 2017


To spread love today, Valentines Day, I offer a simple idea for the benefit of all humanity. Perhaps one of you can make it big with a pitch to Apple’s reality TV show ‘Planet of the Apps‘. Here’s the idea: Create an interactive live roadmap of human progress.  We have the Internet, the most advanced […]

Awakened by the Hunger Moon

February 11, 2017


The angle was just right. At 6:10 am, I woke up hungry to what felt like sunlight on my face. This morning’s light, however, came through the wrong window, the west. So bright it was surprising, this full moon in February, I learned, is called a Hunger Moon because by this time of year, in […]