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UFO Bonus + Back to Meditation

Daily meditation cultivates focus, mental health and occasional insights. I’ve been too long away from it, but I’m back now. This month, as we approach the solstice, the longest day of sun, every day I resolve to practice reading music, to meditate, to work on my 100 songs, to eat well, to get enough sleep, … Continue reading

Strange Birthday Rituals + Happy B-Day Elvis and Bowie

Today, January 8th, is the birthday of Elvis Presley and David Bowie. There was nothing obvious on their websites I could see about that fact today, but I had a few bites of cake for the King and for Bowie and watched some Bowie videos. This cake is gluten free with a real beeswax candle. … Continue reading

15,000+ Posts on Xenophilia.com Now Restored, Happy New Year

Hello Fellow Time Travellers, I’ve done much technical fiddling to revive xenophilia.com as the now archives for truestrange.com. Stop by Xenophilia — which means “love of the strange” — to browse over 15,000 articles collected over more than 15 years. Hosts tell me I could make money if I had ads on the site, but … Continue reading

What I Learned From A Three Legged Sicilian

“If you lived in a world where everyone had one arm, how would you cope with two?” That brilliant quote is attributed to Francesco Lentini, a circus performer billed as the three legged man. Francesco “Frank” Lentini was born in Rosolini, Sicily, Italy. He died in 1966, although his exact age is reported differently in … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Greed

Greed is an intense and selfish desire for something. We primates covet things. We desire, yearn for, crave, want, wish for, long for, hanker after/for, hunger after/for, and thirst for things, at times more than we need. With what metaphorical oranges are you overloading yourself? Clinging to hopes of having things leads us to both … Continue reading

The League of Righteousness

Imaginary superheroes, to parts of your mind, are real. Use them. Tap that strength, truth and fairness. Include in your days service to others, make art, improve yourself. Try to be the best you possible, love well … and still life and luck may not go your way. Tragedy may find you.  Own your parts … Continue reading

Apologies to Anyone I’ve Annoyed

I’ve been annoying at times. Listening recently to around 100 different Internet preachers, I realize I have not lived up to my life’s full potential, I’ve not always focused on what is truly important. On this day of atonement, I apologize to anyone and everyone I have annoyed or insulted. The goal of my higher … Continue reading

What did you do during the eclipse?

Where were you during the eclipse? I was on a hill at the ocean with a guitar. Unfortunately, it was too cloudy to see the sun, but just as it reached maximum (only 75% in San Francisco at about 10:22 am) a huge golden eagle swooped over and around me. I had a strong feeling … Continue reading

Illusions: Which Order Tells the Story Best?

Which is the correct order for these life-like white animals by Amol Jadhav?  There is more here than meets the eye, of course. The genius behind it is that once you make a discovery, you aren’t done. Or are you? Is it your imagination, or did the artist create a story on purpose? How deep … Continue reading