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British Woman to Marry a Ghost, Have Baby

Does any country or state recognize marriage between a living human and the disembodied spirit of one that has gone beyond? It seems unlikely, but this won’t stop the determined. Why should it? A British woman’s engagement to a ghost she met in Australia is getting others into the wedding spirit. Last week, Amethyst Realm … Continue reading

The Deeper Freedom

Happy Fourth of July to all and especially to those who find that there is a deeper freedom, a transforming inner ease which follows an authentic win by your higher self. Unflinching self-honesty is a power source. Tap into it to change, to follow dreams and to heal from life’s downers. Whatever, blah, blah, blah, … Continue reading

Self Brainwashing for Positive Transformation (without 18-MC)

In meditation I had the thought that our minds may be illusory, the inglorious result of phrase picker engines operating to “light up” the brain’s reward center, and that I may not exist as anything more than the result of that neural process. I don’t feel that way, however, and even if true, it’s not … Continue reading

Poltergeist + Wild Coincidences Today + Life Game

Today I experienced what some would call a poltergeist. I was eating lunch and right at the crescendo end of a show I was watching, a show about lost love ones, actually, right at the big finale as the music swelled, a door in my house opened by itself slowly, then very slowly closed. There … Continue reading

Vampire Origami is Partly Invisible in a Mirror

Here’s an illusion that perhaps should have won the 2017 contest. From the star ratings on the web site, it seems visitors like this choice. The winner with the moving speckles and second place, those crooked appearing wallpaper lines, were strong illusions, but not as surprising. The wall paper lines were a variation on an … Continue reading

UFO Bonus + Back to Meditation

Daily meditation cultivates focus, mental health and occasional insights. I’ve been too long away from it, but I’m back now. This month, as we approach the solstice, the longest day of sun, every day I resolve to practice reading music, to meditate, to work on my 100 songs, to eat well, to get enough sleep, … Continue reading

Strange Birthday Rituals + Happy B-Day Elvis and Bowie

Today, January 8th, is the birthday of Elvis Presley and David Bowie. There was nothing obvious on their websites I could see about that fact today, but I had a few bites of cake for the King and for Bowie and watched some Bowie videos. This cake is gluten free with a real beeswax candle. … Continue reading

15,000+ Posts on Xenophilia.com Now Restored, Happy New Year

Hello Fellow Time Travellers, I’ve done much technical fiddling to revive xenophilia.com as the now archives for truestrange.com. Stop by Xenophilia — which means “love of the strange” — to browse over 15,000 articles collected over more than 15 years. Hosts tell me I could make money if I had ads on the site, but … Continue reading

What I Learned From A Three Legged Sicilian

“If you lived in a world where everyone had one arm, how would you cope with two?” That brilliant quote is attributed to Francesco Lentini, a circus performer billed as the three legged man. Francesco “Frank” Lentini was born in Rosolini, Sicily, Italy. He died in 1966, although his exact age is reported differently in … Continue reading

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