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Difficult Times, Grief and Misconceptions

Update: I’m on the road, keeping the phone off. Oddly, I just saw the people in the bank video who stole my backpack and fraudulently cashed my checks. Saw them at a rest stop. Following me? I doubt it, but it is a little weird. I’ve been driving for days. Snow stopped me from reaching … Continue reading

Sleep Learning is Possible

What have I learned in my sleep tonight? A heavy rain and a (branch?) crash on the roof wakes me at 4:00 am. In a cold sweat, my ears ringing loud with tinnitus, I hear the powerful howling wind and think that all this fury is still miniscule compared to what could be unleashed. I … Continue reading

Contact Found 28 Yrs Later in Eyelid + Man With (Almost) No Brain

Here is one of the strangest medical cases from 2018. A woman lost a contact lens and it was found 28 years later … inside of a cyst in her eyelid. It was successfully removed with surgery and her problems went away. When a woman in the United Kingdom lost her contact lens while playing … Continue reading

Brain Study: Creativity is Supressing the Obvious

Very creative people can be oddly oblivious to the obvious. New brain research suggests that suppression of our most common pathways (thoughts) is the underlying mechanism for creativity. Remember as you read that brain waves are only patterns resulting from groups of brain cells sending signals. Brain waves are the electrical sums of brain cell … Continue reading

(Video) Trains Plowing Snow

Here’s an odd sight you may enjoy. These videos of trains plowing snow were oddly satisfying, sometimes mesmerizing. Two powerful forces meeting, a battle of inertia. Enjoy the ride. – TrueStrange.com

Houston BofA ATM Gives $100 Bills by Mistake for Hours. Bank Says Keep It.

Here’s a strange accidental free money event in Houston, Texas. The bank could have told people to return the overage or be charged with robbery. It may have been possible to just take the amount people were overpaid out of customer’s existing bank accounts with a note that they corrected an error. Bank of America … Continue reading

Web Sites of Ten People with the Highest IQ’s in the World

One goal of TrueStrange.com is to make people smarter by sharing anomalies and curiosities. Intelligence, like consciousness, is not a single thing, but rather is a collection of different abilities to accept and process information to get useful results in different contexts. We know from a 2012 study looking at over 100,000 people one can … Continue reading

Japanese Politeness

What if this is a polite universe, a simulation designed to give you, with a random time delay, what you seek as much as possible? In other words, what if this is an iteration of heaven? “Wouldn’t heaven be a much better place?” You may well ask. Would it? Run with the idea that you … Continue reading

Video: Deer Attacks Mall Windows + Self-Aware Ants

Nebraska animal experts say a deer that smashed several windows at an Omaha strip mall was likely trying to fight its own reflection. Video here: The deer was caught on video Tuesday morning running the length of the strip mall and attacking several windows, completely shattering some. The deer was seen breaking windows at stores … Continue reading