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Video: Deer Attacks Mall Windows + Self-Aware Ants

Nebraska animal experts say a deer that smashed several windows at an Omaha strip mall was likely trying to fight its own reflection. Video here: The deer was caught on video Tuesday morning running the length of the strip mall and attacking several windows, completely shattering some. The deer was seen breaking windows at stores … Continue reading

A Howling Coincidence “Stuckie” the Mummified Dog

Here’s something spooky, a true story. Right as I was reading an eerie article about Stuckie, a dog who got stuck in a tree and became mummified in the 1960’s, my dog (well, not technically mine, but never mind) started howling strongly in the back yard. What the heck? It was very odd, I’ve never … Continue reading

Skull Shaped Asteroid May be a Dead Comet

A roughly skull shaped asteroid, possibly the remains of a comet, will pass by the earth this November 11th. On Oct. 10, 2015, astronomers in Hawaii made a spooky discovery: a giant asteroid between 625 and 700 meters zipping through space, that at certain angles looks uncannily like a human skull. – via Quartz Better … Continue reading

The Deeper Freedom

Happy Fourth of July to all and especially to those who find that there is a deeper freedom, a transforming inner ease which follows an authentic win by your higher self. Unflinching self-honesty is a power source. Tap into it to change, to follow dreams and to heal from life’s downers. Whatever, blah, blah, blah, … Continue reading

Writing Style Cloning AI?

Thought-Experiment: If you read a clone of your own writing style, would you recognize it instantly, just as if you were looking in a mirror? While brilliant parody is a human ability, I wonder if any AI exists which could beat a human at this game, writing on a topic in a given author’s voice, … Continue reading

Self Brainwashing for Positive Transformation (without 18-MC)

In meditation I had the thought that our minds may be illusory, the inglorious result of phrase picker engines operating to “light up” the brain’s reward center, and that I may not exist as anything more than the result of that neural process. I don’t feel that way, however, and even if true, it’s not … Continue reading

Vampire Origami is Partly Invisible in a Mirror

Here’s an illusion that perhaps should have won the 2017 contest. From the star ratings on the web site, it seems visitors like this choice. The winner with the moving speckles and second place, those crooked appearing wallpaper lines, were strong illusions, but not as surprising. The wall paper lines were a variation on an … Continue reading

Yanny or Laurel Auditory Illusion: “Audio Injection” Computer Hack ?

Here’s an angle on the Yanny vs Laurel auditory illusion debate you may not have considered: this storm of contention could be created with a technological magic trick: audio injection.  Unlikely, but not impossible. It’s being described as an optical illusion for your ears. Two words that look so different on paper can sound so … Continue reading

Ironic: License Plate, Seen at the Golden Gate Bridge

Happy Mother’s Day. Today is also mild irony day. Sitting at Golden Gate Bridge with a guitar, working on a song about being rewarded for pleasing the zoo keeper of the earth, a car pulled in front of me with a surprising license plate. I don’t think I’ll get in trouble for posting it. This … Continue reading