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Dishwasher Awarded $21 Million

In Florida, it is possible to become a multi-millionaire in just over 10 years working as a dishwasher. What’s more, you will definitely get Sundays off. This unlikely thing happened recently for a woman in Miami. A former dishwasher at a Miami hotel, fired after missing work on Sundays for religious reasons, was awarded a … Continue reading

A Rare $204,000 Penny

A rare bronze penny sold for $204K recently, below the $1 million+ experts expected. This rare coin is the result of an accident, one of only about 10 to 20 minted in 1943 with copper metal amid US copper shortages that year. The U.S. Mint struck its first 100% copper one-cent coins—then the size of … Continue reading

Right Place, Right Time, Free Pearl

One might predict an uptick in business for Grand Central’s Oyster Bar in New York as there is a documented chance of finding a pearl worth $2,000 to $4,000 at the restaurant. Here’s the UPI story. A man eating oysters for lunch at a New York restaurant found a pearl in his meal that could … Continue reading

Houston BofA ATM Gives $100 Bills by Mistake for Hours. Bank Says Keep It.

Here’s a strange accidental free money event in Houston, Texas. The bank could have told people to return the overage or be charged with robbery. It may have been possible to just take the amount people were overpaid out of customer’s existing bank accounts with a note that they corrected an error. Bank of America … Continue reading

ATM Found In Woods

Is it the time traveling space ship of a Time Lord known only as “The Banker”? A mysterious ATM has appeared in an unlikely place, a field in Hancock County, Maine. Hancock County Sheriffs office investigators photographed this ATM a woman found during her morning walk on North Deer Isle on Tuesday. If this is … Continue reading

Painting Sells For Record $90.3 Million

A single painting, English artist David Hockney’s ‘Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)’, recently sold for $90 million at an auction. This is a record for a single painting for any living artist. A painting by the British artist David Hockney has fetched $90.3 million at Christie’s on Thursday night, easily breaking the … Continue reading

Watching TV Without a License?

Did you know a licence is needed to watch ordinary TV in the UK? As an American I wouldn’t have believed this could be true, but it has been since at least 2003. The BBC is authorised by the Communications Act 2003 to collect and enforce the TV licence fee. Section 363 of the Act makes it … Continue reading

The $17 Million Dollar Shoes (of Doom?)

This is crazy. A pair of women’s shoes are now the new most expensive shoes in the world, valued at $17 million dollars. The new heels beat the previous $15.1 million record holder, shoes made of 24-carat gold painted leather and rare diamonds. Called “The Passion Diamond Shoes”, these gold and diamond-encrusted stilettos are believed … Continue reading

The Unlikely Story of Frane Selak

Some folks have super weird luck. In the past, we wrote about Bill Morgan, an Australian who came back from the dead then won the lottery twice, Roy Sullivan, who survived being struck by lightning seven times, and Radivoje Lajic, a Bosnian whose house was hit six different times by meteorites, or so he claims. … Continue reading

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