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835 Tubas Playing at Once Win World Record

Here’s is a first: A record largest number of tuba players played the same song together in Kansas City recently. Hear a few seconds of audio with the story about this new world record: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DmJC58JAOU8 A massive tuba ensemble has smashed a Guinness World Record in Kansas City and spread some Christmas cheer. KSHB-TV reports … Continue reading

Several Singing Donkeys

Just so you know, these days skilled recording engineers could fake the audio on these first two videos, morphing ordinary braying into awesome beautiful singing, but I assume all the news organizations running these stories checked the facts and that these are legit, so here are some singing donkeys. Singing Donkey in Ireland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1tYL228uOI Singing … Continue reading

Video: Fuman Musicoloco the Juggling Drummer

This juggling drummer is the best strange thing I saw today. The video dates back to at least May 6, 2016. Enjoy. A video of a very coordinated guy who has perfected this obscure skill is making the rounds online today. It features Spaniard Fuman Musicoloco, a true artist who has made a name for … Continue reading

A Piano Playing Cat + A Piano Playing Dog

I’d like to contribute something big to humanity, but amusing a few people with a blog about the strangest things I find is good for now. Today, two piano playing animals. Nora the cat recalls the dissonances of Thelonius Monk, definitely a jazz cat. Buddy the dog not only plays but also howls along. That’s … Continue reading

Strangest Cello Music

The guys from 2CELLOS are pretty amazing, and performing heavy metal rock music (in this case, Thunderstruck by AC/DC) with cellos is definitely a bit strange. The thing is, it works, don’t you agree? I prefer the cellos to his voice, but to each his own.   I love the audience reaction at the end. … Continue reading

Shifting Between Worlds

This is cognitive liberty lesson #37. There is a concept called the “Assemblage Point” which you may one day find extremely useful. The AP is your attitude, your current mindset, the gestalt of your recent experience. Shifting the AP is a vital skill; it is that innate playfulness we may misplace as adults. The skill … Continue reading

Bonzo’s Last Stand, A Bootleg Led Zeppelin Rehearsal

Today I enjoyed listening to a rare Led Zeppelin rehearsal bootleg on vinyl. It is the last rehearsal the band recorded about five months before drummer John Bonham died. John Henry Bonham (31 May 1948 – 25 September 1980) was an English musician and songwriter, best known as the drummer for the British rock band … Continue reading

Billion Year Data Storage

How can my 100 original song project be enjoyed by whatever humans exist in one million years? For starters, I’ll need very long term data storage. To make the million year mark with a margin for safety, one option may be storage on tungsten disks. There will likely come a day when humanity itself has … Continue reading

Inventor: Machines Will Have Human Level Intelligence by 2029

We may not have long until the number one threat to humanity manifests: Artificial Intelligence. Enjoy your humanity while you can, things could change dramatically in the next 50 years. TOP 10 THREATS TO MANKIND  1 – Artificial intelligence 2 – Bio-hacking 3 –  Killer robots 4 – Nuclear war 5 – Climate change 6 … Continue reading