Three Ways to Help Nature at Home

With so much land in the UK being taken over for building, the wildlife is suffering and there are huge declines in bird and insect populations, as well as mammals like hedgehogs. We all have a responsibility to care for the environment and to do all we can to help the wildlife that shares the planet with us, and this starts at home.

A garden can be a great haven for wildlife and whatever size garden you have, here are some things that can help…

A Pond – One of the best ways to help nature in your garden is to create a pond. A pond is a really valuable habitat for many species, and it doesn’t have to be large, even a small pond is likely to attract lots of creatures.

As well as providing animals like frogs, dragonflies and newts with a home, in the summer having a water source is important for all animals.

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Plant a Tree – Just one tree can provide a valuable habitat for many different creatures, from moths and butterflies to birds and squirrels. If you want to enjoy the benefits straight away without having to wait a long time for a tree to grow, find semi mature trees for sale from somewhere like this

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Create a Wildflower Area – Lots of wildflower meadows are being lost and cutting grass often means that bees and butterflies are not getting benefits of the wildflowers. A wildflower area looks beautiful, provides a bee and butterfly haven and also serves as a refuge for smaller mammals.

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