The Great American Right to Complain

For 30+ years as a news hound and reporter of weird stuff, I, Xeno, have believed it is the duty of Americans to speak up truthfully about what they like and dislike. We have the right to complain, to make things better. This was true in the past. Is it still? I like peace, non-violence, transparency in government and privacy and fair voting for the public. I oppose violence and support peaceful plans. I try to read a broad spectrum of news and ideas, but don’t agree with everyone or everything I read or see. Reading is not approving, obviously. … Continue reading The Great American Right to Complain

Live Giant Squid + Lightning Coincidence

How smart is a giant squid? Do they have comprehension and powers beyond our imaginations? Just a week ago, in the Gulf of Mexico (June 18, 2019) a curious live giant squid was recorded for only the second time in history.  It approached the faintly blinking lights on a decoy which was disguised as a bioluminescent jellyfish. … eight legs unfurl, revealing its large suckers that it uses to inspect the device. The moment the giant squid realizes that the lights aren’t a jellyfish, it jets away. … “We’re talking about an animal that can get to 14 meters [45 … Continue reading Live Giant Squid + Lightning Coincidence

British Woman to Marry a Ghost, Have Baby

Does any country or state recognize marriage between a living human and the disembodied spirit of one that has gone beyond? It seems unlikely, but this won’t stop the determined. Why should it? A British woman’s engagement to a ghost she met in Australia is getting others into the wedding spirit. Last week, Amethyst Realm of Bristol announced that the unnamed ghost proposed to her during a road trip to England’s Wookey Hole caves in Somerset. “There was no going down on one knee — he doesn’t have knees,” she said about the proposal. “I could actually hear his voice, … Continue reading British Woman to Marry a Ghost, Have Baby

Poltergeist + Wild Coincidences Today + Life Game

Today I experienced what some would call a poltergeist. I was eating lunch and right at the crescendo end of a show I was watching, a show about lost love ones, actually, right at the big finale as the music swelled, a door in my house opened by itself slowly, then very slowly closed. There was no discernible wind. This door has never done that before. Shortly after this, some friends in Hawaii I hadn’t heard from in about a month told me out of the blue that they had just written my departed fiancés’ name on a memorial lantern … Continue reading Poltergeist + Wild Coincidences Today + Life Game

The Tick, to Cheer You Up

In my spare time, I’ve now watched every episode of both “The Tick” series on Amazon Prime. Tonight I took a walk. I wept for my lost love, as I often do. Now I sit and look at what should be a bright sun, but see only a hazy red disk barely there in the 360 degree blanket of smoky doom. The fires everywhere in California have turned the evening sky apocalyptic. At least this place is quieter than the last… On cue, a woman outside starts yelling. “Weaver, Theiver, Sneether, Seether, Either, Neither!“ Wha? I have to laugh. I’m … Continue reading The Tick, to Cheer You Up

Have you seen this woman disappear on live TV?

Watch as handball expert Trine Jensen vanishes on live television. She’s standing around for a while and then she’s not there. Ninja skills? Magic? Aliens?   At first I thought this might be the answer: investigator of the weird have known for years that it is possible in live video to remove and add things (including people) with software. Here’s a more recent non-secret version: This German software is all about diminished reality – removing objects from the visual field. We’ve seen something similar for photos (we’re reminded of Photoshop’s content-aware fill), but this software can neatly delete any object … Continue reading Have you seen this woman disappear on live TV?

Your Brain Has What Amounts to a “Sprit Eject” Button 

If someone zaps a certain area in your brain, you will experience floating out of your body. A similar effect can be obtained by transferring your self awareness into another person or object by hijacking your brain’s “this is me” body cues such as visual perception, breathing and heartbeat.  Olaf Blanke, a neurosurgeon at University Hospitals of Geneva and Lausanne, wasn’t trying to set off the sensations in his patient but was using electrical stimulation to map the activity of her brain in preparation for surgical treatment. But by recording the patient’s reactions and matching them with specific electrodes, Blanke … Continue reading Your Brain Has What Amounts to a “Sprit Eject” Button 

Survive the Top Human Threat: Artificial Super Intelligence

What most threatens humankind? The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, you may be surprised to learn, puts Artificial Intelligence at the top of the list. (Sample video lecture) 10 THREATS TO MANKIND Artificial intelligence Bio-hacking Killer robots Nuclear war Climate change Asteroid impact Loss of reality Food shortage Particle accelerator Tyrannical ruler Link You thought Siri was helping you? Bwhaahahah. Seriously though, artificial intelligences are considered by some of our most intelligent humans to be the single cause most likely to end humanity. How so? The technological singularity (also, simply, the singularity) is the hypothesis that the invention … Continue reading Survive the Top Human Threat: Artificial Super Intelligence

Strange Sliding Feet Kinesthetic Hallucination 

I have not been sleeping the last four days, and it’s getting harder to concentrate as a result. You may notice my writing gets more chaotic as I fight Lyme/mold/immune system dysfunction. Perhaps it will be amusing or of scientific value. Here’s something pretty strange that happened to me this morning: Today, fully awake, standing in my kitchen, the bottoms of my feet in socks felt like they were sliding backwards on the floor. This lasted about 4 seconds and gave me, after 2 seconds of the sliding, a rush of adrenaline and vertigo, probably as my body tried to … Continue reading Strange Sliding Feet Kinesthetic Hallucination