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New Clocks Measure Earth’s Gravity and Perhaps Dark Matter

This sounds crazy, but with two or more very accurate clocks scientists can measure time well enough to see variations in gravity at the earth’s surface. A clock as a gravity meter seems impossible … until you accept one of the weird things about our universe that Albert Einstein worked out: gravity slows time. This … Continue reading

Surprise: A Magnet Can Levitate an Ordinary Strawberry

Just when you think you know how the world works, there is some new surprise. For me, today the surprise was discovering that with a strong enough magnet, scientists can levitate an ordinary strawberry. Really? Below is a video showing this in action. This video would be possible in a freefall lab on an airplane … Continue reading

How Lasers Can Summon Antimatter

Can light create antimatter? Not directly, but laser light can accelerate electrons to create gamma rays to create antimatter. If scientists use powerful laser pulses to accelerate electrons to near the speed of light, gamma rays are created. As the gamma rays collide, they create matter-antimatter pairs. Using optical traps, the electrons can be contained … Continue reading

Earth Detected Muons Proof of Time Dilation

Here’s an amazing apparant proof that time dilation is real, that time is relative, that it stretches and shrinks relative to others depending on your relative velocity. If this were not true, we would not be able to detect subatomic particles at the surface of the earth known as muons (similar to electrons, but larger) … Continue reading

New Quantum Hard Drive Stores Light Pulses

Isn’t it strange that light itself has been stopped, that it was captured in a cold cloud in Australia in 2016? Further progress has been made and now in 2018 captured light has been used to make a sort of hard drive. This new AMU experiment made use of a light trap by firing an … Continue reading

The Strongest Material In the Universe: Nuclear Pasta?

Fans of the Flying Spaghetti Monster may be glad to hear that there is a new candidate for the strongest material in the Universe: nuclear pasta inside neutron stars. This idea comes from a simulation, but leads to expectations scientists may one day experimentally confirm. The breaking strain of materials in neutron star (NS) crusts … Continue reading

Does Sound Fall Upward?

Here’s a strange claim that will change old views in physics … if valid and verifiable: Sound waves float upward very slightly because the particle-like units of vibration which make sound waves appear to have negative mass. Does sound really anti-gravitate? Sound has negative mass, and all around you it’s drifting up, up and away … Continue reading

Mysterious Universal Pattern Discovered

This video caught my attention. Is there a mysterious universal pattern directing city buses, atomic events and even chicken eyes? First question: is the pattern above and described in the video below just an artifact, a reflection of the method used to plot the data, and not a real “thing” shown by data? Is it … Continue reading

Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe?

There is not much stranger than physics and this is a good lecture if you have the time. If not, here are my notes: What do we know about the fabric of the universe? You may have learned that all matter is made of atoms which differ in their numbers of sub-atomic particles. These 118 … Continue reading