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Theoretical Element 115 Exists, Study Confirms

Researchers confirm the existence of this synthetic element in a new accelerator study. Will it be enough to give ununpentium official recognition and a new name?At the bottom right corner … Continue reading

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Astronomic news: the universe may not be expanding after all

… Every now and again, cosmologists decide that the universe needs a rethink. For example, for the past century, they have likened it to an inflating balloon, decorated with galaxies. … Continue reading

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NSA paid British spy agency $150 mln in secret funds – new leak

The NSA has made hush-hush payments of at least $150 million to Britain’s GCHQ spying agency over the past three years to influence British intelligence gathering operations. The payouts were … Continue reading

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Photons May Live for 1 Quintillion Years, but Experience it as 3 Years

… The particles that make up light, photons, may live for at least 1 quintillion (1 billion multiplied by 1 billion) years, new research suggests. If photons can die, they … Continue reading

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Swedish researchers create “an impossible material” by mistake

… Called upsalite in honor of the university where it was discovered, the material features a surface area of 800 square meters per gram. It’s got the highest surface area … Continue reading

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Scientists Built a Mini Laser Gun That Generates Anti-Matter

Antimatter, created naturally above storm clouds, has now been created by device that uses magnets and tabletop lasers fired at a gold sheet through helium gas. A team of physicists … Continue reading

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Quantum-Tunneling Computers: Answers faster than light?

… Nerval’s Lobster writes “The powerful, reliable combination of transistors and semiconductors in computer processors could give way to systems built on the way electrons misbehave, all of it contained … Continue reading

June 25, 2013 · 2 Comments