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Political Doppelgängers

Have you ever been told by a friend that they saw someone who wasn’t you, but looked “just like” you? They say most people have a doppleganger or two and politicians are no exception. Here are a few worth seeing: Afghan singer Abdul Salam Maftoon’s striking resemblance to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has turned … Continue reading

Sound Alternatives to Dog Anxiety Meds for Fireworks

New Years celebrations approach and fireworks terrify some dogs. I was there when a good dog, a years long pet of friends, died from firework fright of a heart attack one sad night. In recent news, the US has approved Pexion ( which contains imepitoin an anti-convulsant once used to treat epilepsy in humans), a … Continue reading

Nigeria’s President: I’m Really Me

Jubril, which sounds subliminally like “you be real,” is a great name for a made-up imposter. President Buhari, however, cleared up recently that he is the real deal, not Jubril, he is himself, and, furthermore, he will “still go strong” when he soon turns 76 years old. Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has denied claims that … Continue reading

Watching TV Without a License?

Did you know a licence is needed to watch ordinary TV in the UK? As an American I wouldn’t have believed this could be true, but it has been since at least 2003. The BBC is authorised by the Communications Act 2003 to collect and enforce the TV licence fee. Section 363 of the Act makes it … Continue reading

First Presidential Alert Sent to US Cell Phones

Did you get the presidential alert Wednesday in the USA? Double check, you probably did. There is a strange claim in a tweet by anti-virus software engineer John McAfee that the presidential alert system gives “the government access to your phone.” but the fact checker for snopes, Alex Kasprak, a science writer with a masters … Continue reading

The End of Almond Milk in the USA by 2019?

The US FDA could put an end to almond milk by next year … but only in name. The issue is that almonds don’t lactate, so the word “milk” is not appropriate. (Image from veganhightechmom.com) The US Food and Drug Administration seems to have soured on nondairy milk-alternative products that use the term “milk” in their … Continue reading

Can Shark Fins Break the Law? Yes.

The true strange news for today is something which sounds impossible to some: property and cash can be considered guilty of a crime. In the United States police can confiscate personal property even if the owner is not involved in any crime. This so-called civil asset forfeiture results in some very strange court cases, such … Continue reading

A New American Space Force?

Most unusual thing I heard today: the president has ordered the DoD to form a US Space Force which will be separate but equal to the US Airforce. Awesome news for space fans? The number of kinds of aircraft the US Airforce: About 61 types in active service. Number of kinds of spacecraft in the … Continue reading

Putin: Russia Has Unstoppable Nuclear Powered Missiles

I’ve been trying to ignore world politics, but this post from March 1, 2018 on NPR is a bit too strange to pass up. Putin says Russia has nuclear powered missiles. The US has nuclear powered submarines and aircraft carriers, but not aircraft or missiles. The idea seems crazy because aren’t properly shielded reactors much … Continue reading