Neanderthal used antibiotics and pain meds. Was Zeus a Neanderthal?

Did Neanderthal man use penicillin and painkillers? They overlapped with modern humans for thousands of years. We now know we interbread with Neanderthals. From genetic sequencing by, I even know my own percentage of Neanderthal ancestry. They had bigger brains, they were much stronger than modern humans, and better immune systems and eyesight. I have a pet theory about them. I believe they were some of the “gods” in our mythology, and also the “giants in the earth” in verbal stories that later became part of the written Bible. Genesis 6:4 “There were giants in the earth in those … Continue reading Neanderthal used antibiotics and pain meds. Was Zeus a Neanderthal?

Love is an Effect of the Sun

Illusions are real in their ways, and reality part a party of illusions. I held a one-man private ceremony as the sun set, not at the location of this video, however, this sunset was another, elsewhere. I let the final handfuls of atoms in my possession rejoin the earth, speaking my prepared words, remembering love, laughter, lessons and shared intentions. The view (not pictured) was spectacular, arguably the best I’ve seen on this world and the weather was perfect, all fitting, signs of rightness. Voices echoed from distant faces of ice and were then gone. I next added an element … Continue reading Love is an Effect of the Sun

Lightning Struck Vatican Twice Hours After Pope Resigned

Here’s a strange event from the past that is still interesting today. Popes don’t step down very often. Benedict XVI shocked the world in February 2013 when he became the first pope to resign in almost 600 years. It was the first time a Pope had stepped down since 1415, when Gregory XII resigned and to mark this unusual event, there was an amazing natural occurance: lightning hit the Vatican, twice. “The spooky moment, believed by some, to be a sign from God, was caught on camera by AFP photographer Filippo Monteforte.” … lightning touched the roof of St. Peter’s … Continue reading Lightning Struck Vatican Twice Hours After Pope Resigned

St. Patrick’s day: Leprechauns Once Wore Red, Not Green

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, 2019. This holiday, which many celebrate by wearing green, pinching those who don’t, drinking at parties and attending parades or other ceremonies, comes to us from the day, March 17th (461 AD) we believe a man named Patrick, a 5th-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland, passed away in Downpatrick. He apparantly used only the one name, Patricius (father of citizens), but had other names based on what he did and how he was known; He was also called Magonus (famous), Succetus (god of war), Cothirthiacus (serving 4 houses of Druids). St. Patrick is credited … Continue reading St. Patrick’s day: Leprechauns Once Wore Red, Not Green

Sub-Zero Sun Dogs, Alaska Prep

I’ve seen sun dogs before and have probably blogged about them, but cold weather as a cause got my attention due to my quest to take my fiancé’s ashes up to Alaska. Here are the sun dogs: Sub-zero temperatures in West Michigan led to many residents spotting a “sun dog” phenomenon that made it look as though there were two extra suns in the sky. Photos snapped Thursday morning in various locations on the lower west side of the state show the sun being flanked by two illusion suns caused by the refraction of sunlight off ice crystals in the atmosphere. The … Continue reading Sub-Zero Sun Dogs, Alaska Prep

Dishwasher Awarded $21 Million

In Florida, it is possible to become a multi-millionaire in just over 10 years working as a dishwasher. What’s more, you will definitely get Sundays off. This unlikely thing happened recently for a woman in Miami. A former dishwasher at a Miami hotel, fired after missing work on Sundays for religious reasons, was awarded a $21 million jury verdict. Sixty-year-old Marie Jean Pierre was a dishwasher at the Conrad Miami Hotel for more than a decade until she was fired in March 2016. Pierre, a devout Christian missionary born in Haiti, said she was fired by her boss at the … Continue reading Dishwasher Awarded $21 Million

Funky Religion: Disco Balls in Japanese Temples

Years ago, in 2016, one the fastest growing religious categories in the world was “no religion.” Are disco balls in Japanese temples today a result? Buddhist temples in western Japan are becoming unlikely sites for entertainment, putting on 1970s and ’80s disco music and planetarium shows to attract young people and regain their status as places for community gatherings. On a recent weeknight a huge glitter ball spun while emitting a bright white light on the ceiling of Kosenji temple in central Fukuoka. … Together with a pair of glitter balls on the floor flashing red, blue and purple lights, … Continue reading Funky Religion: Disco Balls in Japanese Temples

Jupiter’s Octagon and Pentagon Shaped Cyclone Clusters

There are surprises in the game every day if we pay attention. Here’s one from the largest planet in our solar system: geometric clusters of cyclones on Jupiter. Jupiter’s poles are blanketed by geometric clusters of cyclones and its atmosphere is deeper than scientists suspected. These are just some of the discoveries reported by four international research teams Wednesday, based on observations by NASA’s Juno spacecraft circling Jupiter. Via NYPost Above: Cyclones circle, Jupiter’s North Pole, composite image from Juno data. Above: Octogon of cyclones at one of Jupiter’s poles taken by the NASA Juno spacecraft. The Juno spacecraft has … Continue reading Jupiter’s Octagon and Pentagon Shaped Cyclone Clusters

Odd: Falcon Heavy Launch of Red Tesla to Mars, Xeno Music Vid

In days, on Feb 6, a red Tesla Roadster lifts off for Mars in Earth’s most powerful rocket, the Falcon Heavy. Oddly, I drove “red space Tesla” in a music video months before having any clue about this–for a song I sang on and produced called High On Love (Can’t Get Too). In it, I lift off in the world’s most powerful rocket (a Saturn V) and pilot a cherry red Tesla Roadster in space to a backup planet. The low budget music video with my friend Karen is due to launch the same day as the Falcon Heavy’s launch. … Continue reading Odd: Falcon Heavy Launch of Red Tesla to Mars, Xeno Music Vid