Best examples of Buildings with Brise Soleil

You may have heard of Brise Soleil. It is a system that keeps out direct sunlight in the hottest part of the day. It is a shading grill system that has been employed by many architects and building designers. They would look to use suppliers like who can give some of the best pieces for installation. Here are some of the best examples of the art of Brise Soleil around the world.

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  1. The Brazilian Ministry of Education and Health. Brise Soleil is not that new a concept. The concrete brutalist designer, Le Corbusier, used it in 1936. It gets very hot in  Brazil, and the need to keep the building cool was legendary. The system was adjustable to change the rate of shading in each office.
  2. The Public Safety Building on 151 Princess Street in Winnipeg, Chicago. Another solid block of Brutalist architecture, however, they lent themselves well to the use of Brise Soleil. The non-adjustable mullions do a perfect job of keeping out the sun’s rays in the heat of midday.

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  1. Termitary House in Vietnam. Moving away from the Brutalist design, this traditional building uses baked bricks as the main building blocks rather than concrete. Vietnam is subject to great extremes of heat and wind. Brick Jalis are used to let in perfect light at all times and to repel the worst extremes.
  2. Al-Bahar Tower, Abu Dhabi. The Arab state of the United Arab Emirates has really pushed the boundaries of building design over the last few decades. Given the extreme heat of the day, it’s vital to make sure that buildings are cool for people using them.  The Tower uses intricate Brise Soleil to cover the whole building.

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