How to Unblock a Toilet

If you have a blocked toilet, you need to know how to unblock it or the toilet is unusable. It can be a messy job, especially if you don’t have a plunger! The first step to solving the problem is to prepare the toilet area. You will need old clothes, rubber gloves, and an old towel for the floor. Next, you will need to bail out the water. You need a small, disposable container, and fill it with hot water. Drain the water into the container or sink. Alternatively, it’s much easier to go and buy a plunger!

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If the problem is a slow draining toilet, you can use a plunger to unblock the pipe. You can also purchase a chemical product that is formulated to clear up a blocked toilet. You must be aware that the chemicals in these products do not work on cesspits and septic tanks. For particularly troublesome blockages, you might need a plumber. If you need Drain Lining Berkshire for damaged pipework, contact Drainpower

If you cannot find a plunger, you can try to unblock the toilet with a wire coat hanger. It can be tricky because it might scratch the bowl, but this method works best when used in conjunction with the other methods. Be sure to bend the wire coat hanger into a U shape and push it into the toilet. Once the wire coat hanger breaks the obstruction, it will pass through the u bend.

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Constant blockages could be a sign that all is not well further down the sewer pipe so investigations may well be required.

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